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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by magik grill, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hey, I believe what i have just Pick up on CL is an a couple year old Char-broil silver smoker.. No tags on it and the owner didn't remember.. any who.. I have disassembled it to clean it up and convert it to a Reverse flow.. My first question is ..

    It has a 2 piece Firebox is there and advantage to sealing the 2 halves when I reassemble them?
    I have already pulled in favor and have had a stainless baffle made ([​IMG] free of course) and plan on sealing the doors.

    Also moving the stack back over to the firebox side. Any suggestions on how to install it? I have purchased a 3 in stove pipe 90 and a 30 piece of straight pipe. The Smoker build calculator said I only need to be about 24 in tall So I still need to shorten the straight pipe. I want to put it on the end as close to the cooking grate as I can get.. But I am not a metal guy[​IMG], I this thing was made of wood I would be golden. I am considering after i cut the hole and slip the elbow threw I was going to just JB Weld it on the outside and thinking about cutting the in incoming elbow into strips folding them back over a piece of fire rope and riveting to the side. This sounds alright?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Ok maybe I Muddied up the question with all my babbleing . LOL

    1. When I reassemble the firebox, it is a 2 peice clam shell style. Should I put some fire rope between them? . (the rope would also seal up the corners where there are opening)
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    You mean 2 halves plus a loading door? Or is the door the second half? Know what i mean?

    If you have 2 seperate halves PLUS a door...i would just get a tube of hi-temp silicone, or furnace cement and run a bead around one of the joints and then put together. Seems like a rope gasket would be too thick and impede attachment?
  4. Yea it is a 2 piece Box plus the door.. so there are like 3/8 diameter holes in all four corners. since I had it apart cleaning it. I started thinking about all the air it could still intake even when the dampers were closed. I was worred that the Silicone would just get hot and bust out of the holes.. Maybe just some sheet metal type gaskets bent into the corners?

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