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Discussion in 'CharGriller Owners Group' started by chrissti05, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. chrissti05

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Chris. I'm brand new to smoking, and grilling if I am to be totally honest. But I like to think I catch on quickly.

    I just got myself a CGSP and have it "seasoning" the grates as we speak.

    I have a few questions and would appreciate any input you all can give me. Even if its just pointing me to other articles to read.

    First off, I have been reading about some of the mods people do to these grills and I'm curious as to which ones are worth doing right out of the gate. Already considering the dryer pipe, and adding some better thermometers. Are these good things to do ASAP?

    Secondly, I am curious as to the amount of charcoal I should be using with this grill. Also how exactly do I integrate the wood for smoking. I already got some different types of chips, just I am not sure how to integrate them exactly.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,

  2. fpmich

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    Hi Chris!

    Welcome to the group!

    Two most important mods in my opinion are sealing the lid and extending the stack to just above grill level.  (2" or 3 ")

    I had mine at grill level, but moved it up a bit and it seems to work better.

    You can see my mods here.

    I use wood chunks, or splits now in mine for smoke and heat, along with lump charcoal.  Never tried chips as they burn too fast.

    I do use AMNPS with pellets, for low temp & cold smoking.  It works great!

    PS.  I'm still learning on the CG too.  It's not a set it, and forget it unit.  LOL
  3. chrissti05

    chrissti05 Newbie

    Thanks so much Frank,

    I got myself some dryer hose, clamps and hardware. I also ordered 2 thermometers as well. So I will be installing those soon. So excited to throw some meat in this thing and try it out!

    What is AMNPS? Also where do you source your wood?
  4. Extend chimney, new therms, charcoal basket, some angle iron around cooking chamber with Nomex gasket.

  5. chrissti05

    chrissti05 Newbie

    That meat looks delicious.. Haha.
    How do you guys mount the channel for the lid gasket?
  6. Drilled hole through angle iron and cooking chamber and used stainless steel nuts and bolts (not galvanized). Bought the Nomex gasket on Amazon. It still has some leaks but it does a great job smoking meat.
  7. fpmich

    fpmich Smoking Fanatic

    I did the same, except I used aluminum and rivets.  So far it has worked great.

    I laid down an I/8Th bead of Red High Temp Silicone sealant, and just clamped Stove Rope, from hardware store, to it.

    On back of lid, I didn't use channel.  It would get in the way of raising and lowering lid.  I just used red high temp RTV, and clamped the rope onto the back of lid.  It's held for over a year now, with no signs of drooping yet.

    I didn't use any clamps tor chimney extension.  I just cut   about a 2" slit in one end of a 3 " aluminum dryer vent and slip it over the chimney flange and squeeze it on a bit, by hand.  Curve it and you're good to go.  It's never fell off on me.  I can, and have, removed and put back on, with no problems.

    AMNPS I got from Todd.  It's a smoke generator, that works GREAT, used mostly for cold or very low smoking temps.  Like cheese and fish.  You can use it for other things too, but I mostly use mine for low temp smoking. You can find his products at

    But do some reading on forums about it, before deciding which smoker type to buy. 

    Todd is also pretty good at answering PM's. with your questions.  He is a member and sponsor of forums here.

    Hope this helps you.
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  8. chrissti05

    chrissti05 Newbie

    OK, thank you everyone for the advise! Now I gotta get busy on all these mods!

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