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  1. Hellloooooo Smokers, 

    Been lurking for the past few weeks here and there, especially the DIY builds on SMF. I have actually, with your guys' help and information, built my own smoker! I'll update with photos soon, but wanted to finally sign up, say hello, and specifically tell you all Thank You. I've always wanted to smoke, but never really dipped my feet into it, until today when I finally completed the build and already seasoned it!

    Hopefully this is a good beginning to an awesome hobby, and hopefully this hobby won't become a landslide like some of my other life's enjoyments lol. 

    Cheers to you guys, and SMF!

    - Hank
  2. So this was originally an electric grill, then gutted and made into a charcoal grill (not by me), then I acquired it and cleaned it up/repainted and a handful of SS nuts and bolts later and this is the end result. 

    - I put in a new 1100 watt electric coil burner, surrounded by some ceramic briquettes. 

    - Attached to the burner, I've attached insulated wiring that is connected to a router speed controller (hanging off the side of the leg). Controller has a 15 amp fuse.

    - The burner has an aluminum pie pan (raised 3/4" off the burner) for the wood, with another pie pan on top with holes drilled for smoke escape. 

    - Above the wood chip box/container, I'll put an aluminum pizza pan for dripping and to keep things clean. 

    - The grate is cast iron (I believe), and I've added some stainless U-bolts on the sides for easy removal/handling.

    - The exhaust is made of a 1" offset conduit connector, with a 1" coupler topped with a piece of cork for when it gets stored in the garage. 

    - The temperature gauge is a Man Law Temperature Gauge that got good reviews for its accuracy. I know, digital is usually better than analog for temperature readings. lol. I was on a budget (college kid and all).

    - The lip of the lid was sealed with Fireblack 125 High Temp Tape Gasket. 

    - The smoker (still yet to be named) has reached and maintained a high temp of 350*F.

    ** I was not endorsed by the name brands used on the this smoker, just want to answer any possible questions that may arise in the future :) **

    Soooooo what do you guys think? 

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    Nice job!

    Have you smoked anything with it yet?

  4. I haven't yet, unless seasoning counts? but a 3.5 lb tri-tip is the first customer this smoker is getting today hah

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