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  1.  I have had an electric refrigerator style smoker for many years. It generated heat by a 500 w halogen bulb and   a bit of heat from a puck burner that generated the smoke. After the  expensive smoke generator broke the second time and grease had ruined the controls, which were on the bottom of the unit-right in harms way, I still tried to use it by adapting with a regulated heating element.  This made for good temperature control but then the door decided to fall off.  Finally I had had enough and ran across this awesome unit which I think will outlast me. Even if I  need  a new heating element or control one day, they are very modestly priced since there is no computer involved  a good deal. I checked out those replacement prices first thing on the web site. The price depends on what size smoker you have. What is this unit you may ask? It is a sleeper unit out there called the Smokin-it. I had snubbed it for a couple of weeks looking at the other similar high priced units .Then when I decided to give it a glance, I was impressed !  It weighs on the heavy side at around 100 lbs for the model #3 but the shipping was a modest $86. I paid $499 for the smokin-it model 3. I just am very happy with the construction and there are no sharp edges anywhere. The shelves are the strength  like out of a household oven  and the smoker box is well made too. I especially like the slide in drip pan and the thought out sloped floor inside to  drain the grease into the pan. Also there is a channel sealed on both ends under the door to drain grease into that same pan. I really liked that because my other electric would always drain at the door. You know how sneaky that grease is. Anyway, I will be putting 2 chickens on today and will let ya'll know how they turn out. I have seasoned the smokin-it as recommended  to get rid of any manufacturing smells. judy[​IMG]
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    Good looking unit...nice choice...
  3. I need to mention that there is no actual thermometer included with this unit but for the dial which can be set at a certain temp so I will be using a probe. judy[​IMG]
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    Good choice Judy! I have the model 2 and used it yesterday for the first time on a 6.5# pork butt. Turned out fantastic and the smoker worked great. Really well made, holds heat well too. Most of the time I checked the element wasn't even on so it's definitely saving some electricity over the old uninsulated one I had previously. I covered the floor, drip pan, and smoke box with foil (punch a hole for the drain) and cleanup was a breeze. Good luck with your chickens and let us know how it goes!
  5. Thank ya'll.  I forgot to mention that it has an indicator that lights up when the element is active.( In case you are wondering, in that picture of the knob control, That picture is not out of sorts. The deadbolt is one of three and on the bottom of the tornado room door.)   The vent is also a piece of nicely finished stainless with a stainless piece that screws on to tighten from the inside- so when it gets grungy, it can be taken off and washed.

    [​IMG]I can't find my cabled probe so I will be doing this first cook on my own and will just have to use an instant read. I promise to open the door as little as possible and toward the end of the recommended cooking times.  judy
  6. OK, I did the split chicken with good results, the chicken was very juicy and I cooked it for around 4 hrs at 210. I also had put on a small pork loin and it came out dry. I guess I overcooked it and the fact it was very lean was also a factor.The chicken was good and we all ate  a good meal with it. I will just slice the loin real thin and sauce it to death on a sandwich. I will learn from my mistakes- I hope [​IMG]
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    The chicken looks darn tasty! For lean cuts like the pork loin you might try smoking it on the rack until it's part way finished (maybe 110-120 degrees) then moving it into a foil pan or make your own w/ aluminum foil to keep the juices with the meat. I usually cook mine to about 150 then wrap and rest with the juices for 30-45 minutes, slice and pour the remaining juice over the slices.
  8. Thanks Mike, I will try that. I ended up slicing it real thin and it made good sandwiches  for all of us.  I am eager to try a butt next time. I love that smoker  and think I will have to leave it to someone in my will, The only way that sturdy thing won't be around is if  a tornado gets it- and I do have it by the storm room's door- I'll be rolling her in at every warning. :)    judy
  9. Great looking smoker and some great looking chicken too. I did a deer tenderloin over the weekend and ended up overcooking's getting sliced and thrown in with some fried taters, peppers and onions for dinner tonight.

    Keep learnin as you go...that's what we've all done.
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    Congrats on the new smoker, I also pickup a #3. And I'm pretty happy with it, just got the cart for it yesterday.
  11. [​IMG]Thanks SmokinHusker, I will always be learning at this site . So much good info and I can't wait to try out some....... bacon!! Riblet1, I am  happy with this smoker for sure- just can't believe I could afford one built so well . I am sure glad that  I gave it a 'glance'.  Especially since I had only wishful thinking about the competition's model.   judy
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    Good review bordercollie. This is the type of user comment/information I would expect to see on the  Smokin-it website. Very useful for those shopping around. The chicken looks real good.

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