New Dyna-Glo vertical offset smoker

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    Ok just wrapped the meat, and have had to top off the firebox 4 times total.  Hoping this one gets me through the rest of the cook.  Just foiled the meat, pork was at 173 and brisket at 165.
  2. Hello.. I just got my new smoker a couple of weeks ago. I know ill have to modify it a little but my 1st couple of cooks have been nice. Looking forward to learning more from the rest..
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    I bought this smoker off Amazon for $160. I sprayed it with high heat paint before assembly to cover any scratches and to hold off any rust. I used the nomex gaskets around the doors, between the firebox and cooking chamber and behind the thermometer. I drilled 2 holes in the side and put grommets in for the remote thermometer probes. I put a cushion on the front off the handle where the cooking chamber door hits to prevent a big dent if it swings open. While seasoning it a gap opened at the top of the firebox where it meets the cooking chamber which I now see someone else mentioned. I drilled 2 more holes and added 2 more bolts to it and it now seems solid. The firebox door is a little warped so I had to double up the gasket in one spot. I also added a baffle to spread the heat out.

    At 225 the built in thermometer is only off about 10 degrees so that's good. After all the mods I ran it and it held 225 for about 4 hours with a full basket. 

    For the money this is not a bad unit at all if you follow all of the advice of the people who have one.
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    Are you just using a cooking sheet as a heat deflector in the smoke chamber?  

    I know I am going to have to build me a new fire basket, or I sure would like to so it will actually fill the fire chamber better.
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    Nice smoker Jerry.  The chicken shot made me hungry!  I haven't seen any dyna glo products first hand.  I am interested in their dual fuel grill, it looks to potentially be the highest quality in that market.
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    It is a baking pan that I cut to fit. It will sit on the bolts I added to secure the firebox better. I am thinking about putting holes in it to allow even heat displacement. I also added a screen between the chambers because when I was adding fuel to the firebox I was getting a coating of ash in the cooking chamber. I haven't tested it yet.
  7. ok ...... last week I had my seasoning fire in my Dyna glo verticle smoker and it worked great . Heated to well over 300 and stayed steady after adjusting the draft @ 225 - 250 for several hours . I had previously sealed all connection points and the doors with Hitemp silicon ( I used plastic wrap on the doors so they were not glued shut ! [​IMG]

     Now today I had my maiden voyage to  meat smoking so for a nearly failsafe trial run I smoked a store bought cured ham . I decided to put in a water pan on the bottom rack . I also used my redi check thermometer to check both meat and smoker temps . I was delighted that the thermometer in the door of the Dyna glo is accurated . I will not need to use my redi check for the smoker in the future . One problem I did have was that I was having trouble getting the smoker up to temp ( I was wanting 225 - 250 ) . It struggled from 190 - 210 for thw first couple hours and finally got to trhe highest reading of 232. It took a couple extra hours to get my ham to 145 . When I removed the ham from the smoker I also took the water pan out . To my surprise 30 minutes later the smoker was heated up to 360 .

     I did not realize that a water pan would affect the smoker temp to that extent . I will probably leave the water pan out for the next smoke .

     The ham was still GREAT  tho !!!! [​IMG]  
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    I have been having a hard time getting mine up to temp with the chunk charcoal.  The lump will only get up to about 195-200.  Not sure why but that is about all I am getting.  The Kingsford would have no problems getting up in temp even with a water pan.  I have had to, with the chunk, add wood in order to get the smoker up to temp and basically run straight wood.
  9. I used Kingsford Charcoal
  10. I usually have better heat with lump.   BTW    Lowe's and Home Depot  have Kingsford  on sale today 2 - 20 lb. or 18.5 lb. for $9.88

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    Wife and I went and got 4 bundles yesterday.  Should be good for a while!

    On a side note, I got sick of the cooking off paint, and some of the drips I was getting coming from areas in the door.  Mainly around the name plate and thermometer.  I also want to get the "baking sheet" baffle done up and installed.  So today I spent about 4 hours sanding the crap out of the smoker.  Wife wanted it to be candy apple red and black, so it will be.  Smoke chamber is being painted with "bright red" VHT engine paint, along with one carry handle, both door handles, and top of the chimney.  Firebox and the rest will be painted with black header paint.  Thought 2 cans would have been enough red, but that only got one coat on today, so I have to get back to the store and grab more.  

    I did notice that the interior is almost glassy looking which was sort of weird to me.
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    Beginning of the new face lift.

  13. ericf517

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    Got the red done

  14. Looks Good I Like Red !!!

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    Figured I chime in here...I've had this smoker (Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D) since 2013, before they made the nice ash catcher. I cleaned it out and put new gaskets on it today so I took a picture:

    As you can see, no sweet charcoal box and no sweet ash catcher/remover...I'm thinking about contacting Dyna-Glo and seeing if they'll send me one. I may end having to go to a department store that sells them and see if I can snag one there, I'll let everyone know in case anyone has an older model like mine.

    I actually really like this thing, absolutely wasn't air-tight when I got it - but that's what makes you an expert in fire/heat management [​IMG] I've since put gaskets on it and those seem to make it a little easier, but I'm sure if I had a welder I could make everything perfect.

    For Those Thinking About Purchasing It...

    For $200 when I got it, this is a really nice vertical smoker that can be used for smoking anything you really want (with the exception of a full pig, for obvious reasons). The racks are easily removed/rearranged, the only problem is it's not deep enough to fit a full rack of ribs on one smoker rack; you'll have to chop them in half to fit ' essentially one rack of ribs sliced in half for every rack in the smoker. Not a big deal if you ask me because that equals 6 racks of ribs! Just get some gaskets (I have Nomex, was like $20 for 20ft or something..not terrible), line all the surfaces that you screw together and you should be fine.

    I posted a few Qviews of some recent smokes with this thing, check 'em out:

    Pork Butt


    I'll be doing another pork butt this weekend most likely, since I cleaned her out and slapped some new gaskets on her...I'll post pics of it when it happens!
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    Couple things left to put back on, but the painting is done!

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    I am so ready to upgrade from my ECB and have been eyeing this smoker. I am a little disappointed to see some Mods are required. Was hoping that wouldn't be needed. 
  18. Man !!!  That's Plumb Pretty    Looks to good to cook on     "Show Smoker    Great job    [​IMG]

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    All the mods are pretty easy to do.  

    Gary, thanks!!  It was the wife's choice of color, or else it would have been zombie green and black.
  20. Red and Black My favorite colors


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