Nesco original jerky seasoning ?

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  1. So I have my Nesco dehydrator and it came with two packs of the original jerky seasoning, but it doesn't say how to use it. Can someone fill me in maybe? There's also a packet of jerky cure. I'm confused LOL
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    Below are Nesco's directions.... In step one, mix very well.... You can squeeze the strips onto the screens... but then I would refer it all overnight to allow the cure to work.... Once the meat and cure get to 130 ish, something happens to the cure and either it dissipates or becomes "less" active.... anyway, that "refer rest" comes from making sausage and I'm fairly sure the same rest should apply to making jerky.... just to be on the safe side of things...

    I've had their jerky mix and I think it is very good.... Remember pictures during your jerky making episode.... Pictures (Q-View) is where it's at on this forum....... Dave
  3. So basically it's for using with ground meat not sirloin? It seems no matter what you marinate your jerky with you can;'t go wrong if you like the flavors. What's the secret or need with salt? See my other post about my first jerky attempt. Thanks.
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    Here you go!
  5. Thanks again.

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