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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by robbie dean, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. robbie dean

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    I had an old electric range that I converted into smoker. It is working good but I was looking for input from more experienced builders. I am planning on smoking a couple of turkeys using a honey brine recipe for thanksgiving.
    I have cooked a butt in in last weekend, did some modifications and just took a center cut porkloin out.
    Wondering exactly what Ya'll look for in a great smoker to see of I need to do more or maybe less to my build.
  2. trippy

    trippy Smoke Blower

    To me it looks great. I will say it might be too small for 2 turkeys. Be one at a time anyway. Perfect for some family cooks. If you have good heat control and it holds fire for a long cook I think you have a winner.
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  3. Hi.  [​IMG]!  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!  Looks great to me.  Keep Smokin!

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  4. robbie dean

    robbie dean Newbie

    I made 2 charcoal baskets for it. One will last about 4 hrs until I have to start opening the intake a little. I can usually keep it going another hour or so (this is maintaining the temp at 225-230) I will have the other basket getting ashy and then swap them.
    Also I have 3 racks and I will butterfly the turkeys. Hope they come out be on the safe side I think I will follow your advice and do them separate.

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