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  1. I have butchered a couple hogs and I have injected the hams like I've seen on the forums here. My question is do I cold smoke them or do I smoke the with heat till they come to appropiate meat temp. Thx
  2. pineywoods

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    What did you inject them with and what results are you looking for
  3. bigwheel

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    Yes more info please. Did you pump them arteries..lot of fertile ground here. Sour bones are not nice.
  4. Yes I've pumped the arteries and around the bone like I've read on here. The hams have been soaking I've taken them out and rinsed. They will b ready for the smoker tomorrow.
  5. I'm looking for just a good ham. But I have 4 and can't eat them all at once. So I wasn't sure on what to do. First timer here.

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