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  1. I'm smoking ribs and chicken tomorrow. My ribs will be baby backs and the chicken will be quarters and whole chickens. Most say that chicken should cook at higher temps to eliminate the rubbery skin. The ribs are more low and slow - around 225 degrees. How do I cook both the ribs and chicken when both need to cook at different temps? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Put your chicken on the lower rack(s) Pieces usually cook around 2 hrs @ 250 F. Whole about 3-4hrs for a 3 # 4-6 hr for 4-5#. When chicken is
    about 1/2 done you could put your ribs on. Remember not to put you chicken above your ribs. I do not know your sizes or weights,, BB's or spares.
    A bit more info would sure help'

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    You know you have to compromise. I would rather smoke my chicken hotter but if I can't.... I'd prefer to smoke my ribs low and slow but it I can't......... If it were me I would set my temp at 250 degrees and put the ribs over the chicken. Foil the BBs at 2 hours and check your chicken. Leave the BBs in for another 1.5 to 2 hours and my guess everything is going to get done about the same time. The quarters may cook up a little faster than the whole but in my experience not by much. You may want to put the chicken on after about an hour for the ribs. Put the ribs back in unfoiled for about 30 minutes. You need to adjust to your taste and liking but this is what I would do if I were smoking both and had one smoker. If you have a grill I would fire it up and crisp the outside of the chicken... pull it out of the smoker at 160 - 165 and and slam it on the grill. This is one of the reasons I have an ECB electric in the garage. It works great to throw things in when I'm wanting to cook different meats at different temps.
  4. Start the Babybacks. After 2 hrs, foil them and put them in the oven. Bump up your temp to 325 and cook the chicken. If the ribs finish before the chicken, leave them in foil, wrap in towels and put in a cooler until the chicken is done.
  5. Agree with pignit. I will do the chicken on the smoker til 165º or so, then onto the gas grill for 10 to 15 minutes. Crisp them up real good.

    From smoker

    From the grill
  6. Thanks for the info.

    How hot does the grill need to be for the chickens after they come off the smoker, how long to leave on grill and do you put them meat side down or up?

    Do you all marinate chicken quarters overnight?
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    You certainly can marinate overnight or brine them. As far as the grill you don't want to burn them after all that nice smoking. med-high is all you need to crisp them. I turn them to hit both sides to crisp up the whole deal.

    I am also doing BB's and chicken tomorrow so I will be doing the same juggling act. I am doing legs and thighs for my chicken. Godd luck and let us know how it goes!
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    I just heat your as usual I bring mine to about 300* and put on your chicken pieces and just keep an eye on them so they do'nt burn and if they do just tell everyone that their carmelized. As far as the ribs I'm with bigsteve smoke the ribs foil them then thoss them in the oven to finish. Good Luck With Everything.

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