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Discussion in 'Pork' started by alan1414, Feb 15, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, I'm going to be smoking a pork butt next weekend and I've only smoked one before. The first one came out good but I'm wanting a better bark and to be a little more moist. I have master built electric smoker. What's the best way to get a nice bark using an electric smoker? And should I brine the butt or inject it to keep it more moist? The first butt I smoked I just rubbed and let sit for 24 hours and I didn't foil it during smoking. I've read that foiling it could ruin the bark but I didn't get a good bark on it. I've read most people don't brine the butts because there's enough fat on it to keep it juicy. The one I smoked wasn't dry but could've been juicier. Every time I read about smoking pork butts I come across a different way to smoke one. I guess there's lots of methods for this cut. Just looking for some good tips from all the pros on this site. Thanks for the help.
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    Check out Bear's step by steps. He has the same smoker that you do and will get you sorted out. The search feature at the top of the page is your friend. It is really darn good to find out the specific reason why you did not get perfect pulled pork. You might also try a finishing sauce such as most of us now do because it just kicks up to another level. 
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    I just did one in the MES with great moisture and bark. I used a foil pan on a rack below the pork and added about 1/2 cup of beef broth. No foil wrap until I took it out of the smoker for it's rest. Smoked at 225 for about 12 hrs and then bumped up to 250 for 6hrs until 200 IT. I also left a good layer of fat cap on.

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