Nb Bandera HOT fire I need to mod fire box - HELP

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  1. Great info here for sure. I have an older Nb Bandera Vertical off set smoker. I just built a charcoal basket (16"x12"x4") from 3/4" 9 ga expanded metal. I have noticed that I burn much hotter now. So I want to seal up the fire box top lid and rear door. Also the sliding vent on the door is not really the best in sealing. Any ideas on what would work best in my case?

    I use the Minion method with a full basket, dig a hole in the center and add 15 - 20 fully hot Kingsford coals in the hole.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Check out this thread on BBQ Bretheren. They are Bandera gurus over there.


    I am going after a Bandera on Craigslist right now, hoping it's one of the older/thicker gauge steel ones!

    If you are sure it's one of the older ones (before they were bought out by Charbroil) can you post some pictures? 
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