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    Has anyone used the recipes provided by Mr. Mixon in his book: Everyday Barbecue?

    This is not a thread to bash Mr. Mixon, his book or to flame useless gossip.  

    I picked up his book at my local library and found it so interesting that I bought it from Amazon for my Ipad.

    I experimented using his (i) The Only Marinade You need; The only Other Barbecue Rub You Need; and the Only Other Barbecue Sauce Need, with some chicken thighs (4 to be exact).

    In all honesty, he says to use the marinate for at least 2 hours or overnight; however,  I got busy and left the thighs in the marinate for a full 24 hour day.

    using my Weber Master Touch kettle and some apple wood chips, I cooked the thighs and was extremely disappointed.   I found the meat to be overly salty (which may be due to my marinating for such a long time).  I didn't mind the rub but normally, I season my chicken with: salt, pepper, paprika and garlic.  That's the way my granddaddy and daddy seasoned chicken and that's how I've always done it.  The real problem for me is his sauce.  I really found it to be, horrible.  The issue that I have with it is using his suggested 1 cup of tomato puree. For me, its such a strong and lasting, bitter taste. After a few bites, I couldn't finish the thighs.

    Perhaps I'm in the minority but I'm seriously disappointed with this series of recipes.  I'll take the blame for the over marinating but I followed his sauce recipe exactly as spelled out but it was plain horrible.

    Has anyone tried it and liked his recipes in this book and primarily his, "The Only Other Barbecue Sauce You Need."

    Again, I'm not looking to flame and bash the man.

    I just thought about something else.  On several of his recipes, he says he uses peach wood to smoke his meat.  Then he says to put the meat in an aluminum foil pan and then to cover it with aluminum foil for X amount of hours.  This doesn't make sense.  How can you "smoke" food which is covered/wrapped in aluminum foil?  I  thought that I mis-read the information but its repeated throughout the book.  

    I'm now wondering if I can get a refund on my purchase of his book.  I was fine with my method.
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    I have not used that book but do have his other one Smoking with Myron. I will say I did have the pleasure of attending his cook school last fall. I got all his recipes written down in my notebook and none of them uses tomato puree. Everyone I got from him is ketchup based so that is odd. I have tried the tomato sauce/puree recipes before and hated them like you. 

    As far as marinade goes yes 24 hours is a bit much and that is why you get the overwhelming salt taste. Cut that back to 4-8hrs and I think they will turn out good.

    I dont know what type of rub was in the book but I can tell you the rubs he uses and sells online all contain the same base rub which is pretty good. The only difference is the addition of Maple or Honey powder depending on if it is ribs or chicken.

    He does use Peach wood I can say that for sure. He had numerous cords of it in his back yard. I think the book meant to have the foil pan uncovered then covered part way thru the cook. I know this is how he cooked all of his competition meats except the HOG. He wraps the whole hog in foil and cooks it that way until the very end when he removes the foil to add his hog glaze.

    Sorry you had a bad experience with this set of recipes. It also might just be your taste. Some other person out there might think its the greatest thing ever. I know I have used his competition recipes and had tremendous results with them in professional contests.

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