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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by tomolu5, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. tomolu5

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    [​IMG] I've been dragging my feet about doing this, but finally got around to it. I used 3" galvanized pipe, and just bent tabs on the bottom to create a spot foe the magnets to hold it down. The pipe runs into an unused chimney. I wanted the magnets so I could remove it easily to use the smoker outside when needed, since in the winter I like to cold smoke fresh sausage, and this requires the chamber temp to stay below 40 degrees. I tested it out with some reverse seared steaks tonight and it worked flawlessly. If anyone would like more detailed pics just say so. This was all done with basic hand tools.

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  2. raastros2

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    very cool man...great job to keep yourself smoking all year round
  3. ostrichsak

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    How do you vent the smoke outside that comes out when you open the door?
  4. tomolu5

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    its in a two car garage, so the smoke that gets out disapates well enough, but I do have plans to in a small exhaust fan, which will serve triple duty(smoker smoke, paint fumes and such, and also cigar smoke when I'm puffin down there

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    Like the mod ! Now smoke anytime you feel a hankering for something :grilling_smilie: :yahoo:
  6. So thats just natural draft, no other vent fans used? How long of a run is that and you still get good ventilation? I have been wondering how I can put an MES in my shed and pipe the vent through the wall. Do you get condensate leaking back into the smoker?

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