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  1. I am a rookie to smoking so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been doing a lot of research on here and have already used one of the rubs. I put the rub on and let in sit in the fridge overnight and now have it in the smoker at 235 degrees. The question I have is about spritzing and foiling. I have a Smoken It #1 so there is no water pan so do I just open the door and squirt on some orange juice as Chef Jimmy J suggested or how do I go about spritzing or is it even needed? Secondly do I foil it at around 165 IT and put it back in the smoker or is the oven fine until it reaches 195 IT? I do have a finishing sauce in mind that Chef Jimmy J also posted and it sounds awesome. I only have a cell phone for a camera so I dont know how i can get the pics onto the site.  I am not really that computer advanced to know that stuff.  [​IMG]
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    You can just open the lid and spritz.  I say start spritzing after the first couple of hours of smoking.  

    I think most will tell you that you can wrap at 160 IT and then let it ride until 200-205 if you plan on pulling.  Also, don't forget to let it set for at least an hour in an empty cooler for at least an hour.  Keep it wrapped and even wrap the foiled meat in a old towel if you would like.  This will help the juices to render back into the meat.
  3. Thanks Jbills! Been waiting awhile for some help. Maybe everyone has a case of the Mondays.  haha  I took it out at 165 and wrapped it in foil and now its back in the smoker. I am trying to get pictures from my cell phone to my computer but my phone is a POS. I did not spritz this time because i have a cabinet smoker and I don't like to open it unless i absolutely have to.  I placed it fat side up during the smoke which is debated but my thought is that the fat will melt and coat the meat. Not sure if that's true but it seems logical. 
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    For the pictures, simply send them as a text message to your email address instead of to a phone number. Then you can save them to your computer.
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    Many thoughts/opinions on spritzing....some do, many don't. I run a Smokin It #3 and am a non spritzer.....they are very tight so I don't feel it's necessary and every time you open the hatch you lose heat and extend the cooking time. Now, I have done a nice glaze on some meats, insert into unit and leave be till it's done. That works well for me. I always run fat side up and use a drip pan under to collect valuable juices to re-introduce into the meat (after de-fatting, if needed) after shredding. I always TRY to let it rest an hour or so and a microwave is another good place to stash it...tight fit, good seal and usually not being used......HTH, Willie
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    Shoulders, butts, picnics all have lots of moisture in them and, like Chef Willie says, the Smokin It units are very tight with not a ton of airflow. It holds moisture really well. I also never wrap until the end of the cook and then wrap and rest. Simplest and easiest.
  7. Next time I will not wrap in foil until the end and see what happens. Just took it out of the smoker and put it in the cooler wrapped with towels. How long should i wait to take it out?
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    Hour is good, but she'll keep for much more.

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