My first packer brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by planman4y2k, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Hey folks!

    Newer member with something I have wanted to post since September!

    I smoked my first whole packer brisket for my tailgate for the Nebraska Miami football game.

    My smoker isn't a true smoker, but my Chargriller Duo gets me by with a few mods.

    I use the indirect smoking method with a water pan.

    I bought this 16 lbs bad boy and had to hit the SMF to learn how to trim it up!  Even saved the fat to use in the future...

    I used Salt Lick rub and injected with beef broth.

    I threw it on the smoker at 6:30pm Friday night. I used hickory wood so I wouldn't overpower it with smoke.

    Low and slow at 225 to 245.

    Even had my IVATION remote thermo by my side while I napped on the couch.

    Alarm went off... added wood and charcoal.  This pic about 1 am.  Had to tip my box to add more wood and charcoal.

    Oh yeah... 4 am thunderstorm that dumped 3 inches of rain that morning...  stood outside with an umbrella over the smoker...

    Morning!  Pulled that baby off at 9:30 am and foiled.  Into the oven for 2 hours and then a cooler with blankets until needed for the tailgate.

    The time has come...3 pm... Tailgate time to eat!

    Less that 30 minutes later...

    More than one person told me the best brisket they have had!  I even have the opportunity to smoke one for the folks next to my tailgate for this spring... and they wil pay! $$$

    Oh yeah... the Huskers won... 41-31!

    Go Big Red!

  2. krubby

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    A few things:

    1) The brisket looked great

    2) Love the dedication with the umbrella over the smoker

    3) The stadium picture was cool.  Buckeye fan here, but I love having Nebraska in the Big 10.  cool school with great history.  I am hoping them (and Michigan) turn the programs around - I think they will, and help the Big 10 get back to a better conference.  Not to turn this into a sports thread of course...
  3. bruno994

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    Good looking brisket planman!
  4. Nice job looked great, sure didn't last long. Like the umbrella !!!     Rain has happened to me before. Last summer was smoking along, everything going good and all at once a big thunderstorm  dumped a bunch a rain quickly Killed my smoker temp had to get it back up delayed my smoke a couple of hours. (I didn't use the umbrella method)

  5. Looks great!

    Happy smoken.

  6. hickorybutt

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    Good looking brisket - congrats!

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