My Cedar Smokehouse: iso any advice from experienced smokehouse operators

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by jbl87, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. jbl87

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    Hello all i im JBL from East Texas an I have recently built a smokehouse out of untreated yellow pine and cedar. For my firebox i used a wood burnin stove and black stove pipe. I havnt gotten my racks put in or my roof and lean too built for house and fiebox yet but i did "season" it today and held at 160° pretty good and even heated it up to 195° but i didnt let it stay that hot for long. So far I like everything about it and only have one concern and thats the black stove pipe ive been told its safe but still not sure... So im wondering does anyone else use black stove pipe in their smokehouse?
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  2. jbl87

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    A few more fun facts is the smokehouse is 7' tall 4' wide. And i used a baking pan to route the pipe into the house to keep the wall from getting burnt.
  3. daveomak

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    JBL, morning.... :welcome1: ... Nice smoke house........ Looks like she will breathe about perfect.... Looking at the build, you might think about some X bracing on the walls... wouldn't hurt...
    The black pipe is perfect for the smoker.... Nothing to contaminate food there... Don't forget to take pictures of you first smoke for us to drool over..... love smoked food....

  4. jbl87

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    Mornin dave. Thanks for the reply and help i will give some thought to some more bracing inside prolly a good idea walls are solid now but maybe not down the road. I hope it continues to have enough ventilation seems like it does now but not sure how much a few smokes will fill the gaps. I will definately post pics or a video of first batch of jerky. Excited about my smokehouse and glad i found this site!
  5. JBL nice looking smokehouse. Dave has you covered on the pipe concerns.I look forward to seeing it up and running.

    Happy smoken.

  6. How did your wood burnin stove & stove pipe design work out? I am considering using the same design on a 4X4X7 smokehouse. Your ideas & opinions will help me on final decision  on my build, soon to come. Any thing you would do different?
  7. jbl87

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    Hey Outlaw the wood burnin stove and stove pipe design would only allow me to get a maximum somewhat maintainable temperature of about 150 degrees. After building serveral fires in the wood stove and breaking in the smokehouse and talking to a few folks i decided that it may be better to have the heat and smoke source inside the smoke house. Unfortunately i havnt tried anything like that yet as I am waiting on the cooler winter months to continue this project. I am thinking also of lining the inside with stainless or aluminum sheeting as sort of a safety feature for internal heating and also to hold smoke better. With closing it in i will have to add a smoke stack. Good luck on your build I had alot of fun with this one and still really enjoy the idea and cant wait to get it back going this Winter. Keep me posted on your build, what part of East Tx are you from?
  8. toospicy

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    I just picked up a stove like this just for building a smoke house somewhat similar to yours any updates, or has anyone else attempted it, texas panhandle here
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    haha your wife is gonna skin you when she sees that baking pan. lol

    nice build cant wait to see the smoked food you make in it.

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