my 2nd smoke - Chuck & Mac N cheese.

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    I smoked a bone in chuck last week.

    It was good but not very impressive.

    Cooked about 5 1/2hours - basic rub, mostly paprika, garlic and onion powder.

    Instead of foiling it  - when it reached 170 i put in a pot with a little cabbage and broth on bottom. And took it up to 190 internal temp. It was not really dry but not particularly unxious either.  Was Only a little smokey.

    Oh - I also made Smoked mac n cheese.

    Cooked the mac first - then Made the cheese sauce a little more runny than normal....

    I used 2 cheeses, butter, & plain coconut milk.

    I also added smoked bacon and bacon grease (from my first smoke)

    Mixed it all up in the kitchen.

    Then smoked it 30 minutes - with Applewood.

    You guys know this - but the aluminum lined pan made clean up EZ.

    It was great !

    I'll keep trying on the meats. ( I have my first brisket on the smoker now - been on there 25 hrs..its been stalled at 172 for hours I'm probably going to take it off soon).


  2. Nice looking mac n cheese  [​IMG]    Don't forget pics of the brisket  [​IMG]

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