Mother's Day Pulled Pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by sparemags, May 8, 2015.

  1. Opening weekend of deer season last November I loaded up my MES 40 and smoked a Boston Butt at the camphouse for the family.  Mom loved the pulled pork along with the Carolina style slaw I made up, and she asked me to do it again for Mother's Day.  I did what any son would do and obliged.  I picked up a butt yesterday evening and prepped it.

    Trimmed Up...

    Slathered in mustard...

    Rub Applied (Williams Rib Tickler)...

    Wrapped in plastic wrap and into the fridge...

    I'll be putting it in the smoker after work this evening.  It's about 8 lbs, so I figure it should be ready by noon tomorrow.

    If I can figure this out on mobile, I'll be posting q-view this evening and tomorrow morning.
  2. sota d

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    Off to a great start-keep us posted!
  3. 45freedom

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    Got mine seasoned up as well and ready to go for tomorrow evening.  I have two 7 lb bostons that ill let go over Saturday night and finish off in the oven if needed Sunday morning.

  4. greg1

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    I have 16lbs of pork butt sitting in the fridge all rubbed and ready to go into the smoker later this afternoon. Eating at noon tomorrow for a Mother's Day gathering. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all the mothers out there I hope you all enjoy your day!
  5. Looks good so far!

    Happy smoken.

  6. Well, I couldn't get the pictures to attached via mobile, so I had to wait till I got back to my laptop here at work.  Anyhow, the butt turned out amazing, and Mom absolutely loved it, which is all that matters.

    Here are some more pictures...

    The butt went in the smoker at 7:00 PM.

    About 2 1/2 hours in (9:30 PM)...  

    Rolling along at about 230* with apple chips in the cold smoking attachment.

    Meat IT was 134*

    I got up around 12:30 AM to check on everything and topped the cold smoker off with apple chips, but I didn't take a picture.  Internal temperature checked at 161*...starting the stall.  

    11 1/2 hours in (6:30 AM)...

    IT 183*

    I pulled this butt off at 12:00 Noon, for a total of 17 hours, at 207*.  That figures out to about 2 hrs/pound. (8.5 Lbs.)

    Here's what it looked like...

    I put it in the foil tray and covered it with two sheets of aluminum then stuck it an an ice chest till we got to Mom and Dad's.

    I threw together a Carolina style slaw and a finishing sauce.

    I wasn't able to get a plated picture for whatever reason.

    However, last night was pulled pork nachos!!!...

    Hope y'all enjoyed...I know I did lol.

    I promised the girlfriend ribs this weekend...if the weather straightens up.

    Y'all have a good one. 
  7. Very nice job!

    Happy smoken.

  8. sota d

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    Great job on that butt! Nice looking bark on there! I bet those nachos were tasty too.
  9. Thanks Sota D.

    This is the second butt I've not foiled, and I doubt I'll ever do it again.

    The girlfriend was wanting to make nachos for supper last night.  Pretty much as I asked "Pulled Pork Nachos?" she was pushing me out the door to get to the store for the fixin's!  They turned out great! I believe left over pulled pork goes great on just about anything!

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