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  1. That is what I am starting to hear around here, so I guess I had better get going on it. At the store last time I picked up a variety of cheeses and some I have never tried and dont really know much about.


    Goat and Mozz I am familiar with, the British Cheddar tasted good, but what about that Comte stuff?

    aside from the above I also did some Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Jack and some Colby...of course in the Weber Kettle with the AMNPS. This time - straight Apple!


    I know - looks bad in a bag, but I was in a rush and barely got that shot taken.  Here's the other stuff "hot" off the grill:



    close-up of the Comte (can someone tell me what it's good for?)

    Pepper Jack took on nice color also:


    and as per my usual, here is a parting shot from the Island.  Here is a view out the front door of where I work looking out at the "parking lot"


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    Now thats gonna be some fine tasting cheeses. The color is awesome. Bummer it takes 2 weeks to eat thou.
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    Nice Parking Lot!

    Cheese looks nice too

  4. I appreciate the comments!  I have been doing cheese fairly regular, so there is always a stash to get be by until the next batch is ready...but i agree, can't hardly wait to try this batch!  What the pics don't show and I forgot to snap a pic how the goat cheese took on some of the same color while it was in a foil pan.  Sure made the apartment smell good!

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  5. What a parking lot to look at! Anyway the cheese looks very good, never thought about goat cheese. 

    Here's a description of your Comte cheese:

    Comte is a typical, hard cheese with similar characteristics as Switzerland Gruyère. Comte is an ancient cheese that has been produced since the time of Charlemagne. It is made from cow’s milk that feed from the green and rich pastures of the Jura mountains, no additives are mixed with the milk.

    Cheesemakers need about 530 liters of milk - the daily production of 30 cows - to make one Comte, weighing approximately 35 kilos (80 pounds). Morning and evening milks from Montbeliarde and Tachete de L'est cows are mixed. Comte requires a long maturing period called affinage. The cheese is regularly cleaned and rubbed with salted water.

    This Comte has a complex, nutty and caramelized flavor. In order to enjoy this cheese with its full flavor, remove from refrigerator 30 minutes prior to consuming.

    This link also tells how to use:
  6. Awesome info, thank you!  Guess I could have fired up the Google machine, but not necessary in this forum!
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    how can you possibly call that work?   what a great location

    cheese looks good also
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    Cheese looks good!

    Doing 4 pounds here tomorrow.  Cutting it short cause we almost ran out.  Another cheese smoke in the next few days. 

    Need to do the cheese smokes this time of year or we get into the ice thing later on.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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