montreal smoke meat

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  1. is there any body that knows how to make the real montreal smoke meat?

    like schartz ,duns or lester.         thank you
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    I've never tried it. I've heard it's similar to pastrami, but without the pepper/corriander spice rub?
  3. swartz smoke meat is considered the best smoke meat in the world.

    look it up on the net.
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    I don't know a recipe but I sure hope someone knows how. I would take a trip to Montreal just to go to Swartz's.
  5. i maid a mistake .the name is schwartz
  6. There's a recipe and detailed method in "The Mile End Cookbook: Redefining Jewish Comfort Food from Hash to Hamantaschen." written by Noah Bernamoff and Rae Bernamoff, displaced Montrealers with a deli in New York. The cure should be adjusted to the correct amount.

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  7. Here is a recipe for Montereal Smoked Meat that was posted on the Big Green Egg site, don't know how close it is to Schwartz's, but looks to be tasty non the less...

    ultimate montreal smoked meat recipe

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    This recipe is lengthy but not difficult. It takes two weeks to make. Stick through it and you'll get a final at-home product that's on par with Schwartz's, Smoke Meat Pete or any other of the holy smoke meat temples you'll find on the island of Montreal. Really- it's that good.

    Didn't make up the recipe: I'm just spreading the gospel.


    Cure a 12 lb double-brisket (fat-cap on) by adding the following spice mixture generously to both sides:

    1/2 c Readycure (1% nitrate) + 1/4 c kosher salt OR  4 tb instacure (6% nitrate "pink salt") + 1.5 c kosher salt
    1/2 lb cracked black pepper
    1/4 lb sugar
    1/4 lb cracked coriander
    3 tb bay leaf powder
    3 tb cloves

    Place brisket in an XXL ziploc bag and let cure for 10 days in the fridge, flipping the brisket twice daily.

    On day 11, thoroughly rinse off the cure and then soak in cold for at least 3 hours, changing the water every half-hour to get out most of the salt. Dry. Cover top of brisket with 2:1 mixture of cracked pepper to cracked coriander seed. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

    On day 12, smoke over maple chunks for 4 hours at 250. After 4 hours, completely foil the brisket and return to smoker (or oven) to cook for another 5 hours. At this point the smoke meat will be fantastic, but not 100% tender. Resist eating it now. Let come to room temperature and refrigerate overnight.

    On day 13, gently steam the brisket for 3 hours just prior to service. Odds are that you won't have a steamer big enough- I improvised by putting water in a foil turkey roasting pan, throwing a baking rack on top and then covering it with a second pan.

    To carve, cut against the grain and on the bias very thinly, using a VERY SHARP slicing knife (the knife actually makes a difference). Serve stacked on fresh seeded rye bread with mustard.

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    You, sir, are my hero. I can't wait to try this.
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    Yep...this is definitely now on my to-do list!  Thanks, Bad Santa, that recipe sounds awesome.

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  10. thanks biggreematt .  very much appreciated .

    i will let you know once i try it.

    building my own wood smoker    
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    Something about this recipe didn't look quite right to me so I PM'd one of our Food Safety experts to look at it and here is his reply:

    The Readycure and Insta Cure both contain sodium nitrite, not sodium nitrate.

    If it's Canada Conpound's Readycure it is used at a rate of 2% when applied dry, since I don't know for sure how much a 1/2 cup of it weighs, I can't say if that's a correct amount or not.
    It really should be weighed to use it properly.

    Instacure is 6.25% sodium nitrite,, in the recipe he's using 5 to 6 times what should be used. One level teaspoon per 5 lbs. of meat is the correct amount.
  12. Thank you there is two kind of instacure#1
    Or#2 . I check it out on the net
  13. Insta-Cure #1 is the one that should be used.

  14. martin you are write on       thank you     

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    This sounds like my kind of project...Thanks for posting...
  16. let me know how it turns out roller thanks
  17. Oh wow.  

    I might try that myself later in the season!  I love Schwatz's but hate standing in line :/
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    You are so lucky to live in Montreal. Not only is there great smoked meat, there is the Jean Talon and Atwater markets and don't even get me started on fries cooked in duck fat. I could spend all day at the Fromageries alone. Sigh. I guess I need another trip to Montreal.
  19. I do consider myself lucky, but with a new family and a new(ish) house I don't get out as much as I used to.  I used to hit Schwartz's once every couple of weeks.

    I've never had the fries cooked in duck fat though, sounds delish.   Montreal is where it's at for good food, at least in the north east.

    The wife and I do enjoy hitting Atwater market as often as we can though.  They have the best sausage and veggies and the fromagerie there is nice.  We have a top notch butcher near there who keeps me well supplied in meat.

    Since I don't go out as much, I've become more obsessed with making great food at home.  BBQing (real bbq I mean, not grilling) is the main thing I'm enjoying.  This summer is going to be a big season for experimenting.  I did some really great ribs and pork butt last year and will do them again, but I'm planning to try chicken wings, beef ribs, brisket and turkey this year (the smoker upgrade this year is big enough, it should be awesome).

    The only disadvantage is that Smoking isn't real popular around here so getting equipment and supplies is expensive, if you can get it at all. 

    Still...I'm spreading the gospel o' smoke so it can only get better :)
  20. TCaptain,

    Laval area here, just finally bought a smoker today after years of using a smokebox in the BBQ. If you got any tips or would even like to have a experment smoke day where we can try different things let me know, who knows, a nice get together could be fun, I got a pool we can use while sipping on cold refreshments (beer) as we keep an eye on the smokers. Then again, with my luck the women would be in the pool ordering us around lol

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