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  1. I have aquired a Tiernan, Son Of Brisket Cooker, 24X48 cook surface. Had a buddy build a 24" diameter by 24" long firebox and thought I had got the damper and the opening between the firebox & smoker large enough but am having trouble getting it to draw properly. Is there a specific ratio of damper opening to firebox/smoker/chimney. I modeled it after brand name smokers(traeger etc) at a local shop. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks
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  3. Great unit Ricky. It is similer in size to mine and has what looks like all the extras I hope to have on mine someday. Could you give me some stats? Lenght & diameter of chimney, total sq inches of damper in firebox door, size of opening between firebox & smoke chamber. I'd be interested in pics of the interior of the firebox & smoke chamber.

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    The stack on my unit is 4" in diameter and a total of 30" long including the elbow. Did you try the link I provided in the first response?
  5. Did just now. Haven't been on enough forums to realize that was a link. Thanks, This is what I should have done before I gave the welder to my buddy. I'll let you know what changes I needed to make & how it works out.
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    Good luck to ya, hope it works out for ya.
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    I can't get the files to open, don't have Excel. Would you happen to know how high the stack should be for a standard CG-SFB. Would the stack modification of extending the bottom of the stack to just above the grate cause the original stack to be ineffective???
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    You can also use Open Office's Spreadsheet application to open it which costs you nothing but a few minutes of time.

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