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    About to cold smoke some salmon.  It's 35F out and rainy so humidity is high.  I read somewhere that the cold smoking process doesn't work with high humidity and low ambient temps.  I read a discussion also where people found that it produced a bitter smoke. I was going to just try using my MES with AMZN pellet box without the element on and hope the AMZN gets the temp up in the box a bit.  But its so cold, wet and damp, I'm skeptical that I know what the hell I'm doing.

    I got this info ->

     It is difficult to cold smoke in areas of high 

    humidity. When relative humidity cannot be 

    reduced below 75 percent at air temperatures 

    below 85°F, then cold smoking is not possible. 

    From here ->
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    I don't know about all that  I live in SE Louisiana and if I didn't cold smoke when the humidity was over 75% I'd never get a chance to cold smoke.   I would think extremal humidity would have such a minor effect.  Remember burning wood produces moisture.  I would think the amount of moisture inside the meat or cheese you want to cold smoke would have more of an impact.  

    Keep the smoke moving over the meat, give it a quick easy way out of the smoker and I believe things will be just fine.
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    Well I've started the smoke.  It's 32F out and we just got a few inches of snow.  Got the vent all the way open and chip loader pullout out in my MES for good air circulation.  AMZN with pellets is chugging along nicely and the MES is reading 65F.  Seems perfect to me. Even though summers around hear are only up to about mid 70's on most days, I would think I might only be able to cold smoke 3 seasons as the AMZN would probably take the internal temp over 90 if ambient is at 70+.

    Now I've got to figure out how long to smoke.  When I hot smoke Salmon I only have the smoke on for 2-3 hours and it comes out with a perfect light smokey taste.  I can't imagine cold smoking for over 18 or 24 hours as that is a ton of smoke going on/into the fish!  But I guess that's how a lot of people do it.
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    If you are going to smoke that long I hope you put some cure on it.

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