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  1. jkc64

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    I have had my MES30 2 1/2 years and about a month and a half ago the element connectors burned through, thanks to all here who have posted about this issue. I has some new connectors that masterbuilt sent with the new element that I bought for my MES40 so I spliced them in and all was good till last weekend. I was smoking some chicken and started loosing temp, switched the food to the other smoker and saved dinner. This evening I opened the panel on the back of the MES30 and the wirenuts and melted and the terminals look corroded.

    I guess this time I will hit lowes or home depot and get some high temp wire and connectors and replace these two connectors from end to end. Any sugestions on cleaning the ends on the heating element? And would there be any advantages or drawbacks to soldering the connectors rather than just sliding them on? I am thinking the solder would make a much better contact.

  2. Hello John i would go to a larger wire. Solder should work. put a piece of heat shrink over it after you do. Hope that gets you smoking.

    Happy smoken.

  3. jkc64

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    That was my thought, larger wire soldered for a better connection and heat shrink.

  4. dcarch

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    Solder melts at low temperature.

  5. jkc64

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    Most of what I've read states most solders melt upwards of 300 degrees. That is the max mine has registered on my ET-732

  6. i don't see a problem with heat and solder. don't use a lead solder.

    Solder AlloyMelting Point (°C)Melting Point (°F)

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  7. fpnmf

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    I got over the connector after a couple failures..

    And the connector lug on the element burned away..

    I cleaned with wire brush and emery cloth and soldered the wire right on to the element with some duct tape..

    Been holding for a good while so far..1 year 5 months...

    It will need a new element next time and new wires...

    Read this...

  8. jkc64

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    I knew this was a problem with these units from all the great info posted here, that's why I didn't panic when it happened to me. I was expecting the repair to last longer than a couple of months though. I will get some good solder (don't know what my r/c solder is) and heavy high heat wire and replace the entire length of wire this time. Thanks for asll the feedback.

  9. jkc64

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    So I was to most of the big stores and a couple of hardware stores this past weekend, none carry high temp wire. I was going to hit up an appliance repair shop this week but my wife scored some wire for me. My question now is wheather it is too large. It is almost three times the size wire I took out of the unit.

    I also have these connectors but am also concerned that they are not heavy duty enough

    I was planning to strip the yellow jacket off and solder the wire in rather than crimp. Maybe someone who is more familiar with electricity and wire resistance can help me out here.

  10. I can't tell what size wire or ends are in the pics. I think that is a yellow end. If so that is the large. A stereo store might have a heaver end, Remember size Matters.

    Now to is it to large. If you can get it in the ends,No If not trim a few wires. as few as possable.

    You will be good to go.

    Remember when you put it back in the cabinet. You don't want it touching the inside walls.

    What i use for ends in my car builds is copper pipe flattened then soldered.

    Happy smoken.


    Let us know how it works
  11. jkc64

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    Yes the connectors are the yellow large type, the wire just fits the connector snug. I don't know my wire sizes but in automotive terms I didn't know if going from a red connector size to a yellow was too big. hope I am making sense.

  12. John It should  work great

  13. dcarch

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    You can try this: (Check on eBay)

    1. Get Teflon coated wire. Teflon can take high temperature.


    2. Electrical Wire Fiberglass Insulating Sleeving.


    3. Teflon wire insulating sleeving.

    You can put your wire in the oven and bake at high temperature and find out how high it can take.


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