MES spade connectors and heating element very corroded

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  1.  [​IMG]I got this MES (40" MES with window) from a friend who had bought a new one since this one wasn't heating up.  When i open the back i discovered this mess.  the spade connectors completely corroded  when i touched them and are now missing.  I tried to open the back by removing the screws, but i can't seem to get the back off.  Can someone help me to figure out how to get to these wires so i can replace them and get smoking!  Thanks.
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  2. daveomak

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    Drill out the rivets....   remove every fastener and remove the back....
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    Or just cut off the toasted spade connectors and crimp on new ones.   I would clean the male connectors on the ends of the heating element really well also.
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    Hi there and welcome!

    These high temp steel connectors would be great as they should hold up very well:

    supco t1111c

    As Dave said drill out the rivets.  You will then want to fasten the back on again using self taping sheet metal screws (hex head).  I think 3/4 length are the way to go.

    When you pull the back off you will also want to go ahead and replace the connectors on the safety Rollout Limit Switch (round things below).

    It is highly likely they are just as bad or are ready to go.  Once you fix replace the connectors that problem should be solved for a good long while :)

    The rollout switchs can be a little delicate so if you break the current one or it is worn out you can buy a 5 pack here for a few bucks:

    Best of luck! :)
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