MES 30 inch expected life span?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chainsaw, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. chainsaw

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    I read everything I can regarding the MES-all the mods, the fixes, and various smokes. I am getting a feeling the average life span is about a year and after that you are just lucky. But that could be wrong, hope it lasts forever.

    Base on your experiences, what is your expectation of the MES 30" life span? Or is it all just random? Thanks
  2. deltadude

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    "Life span about a year"?   Are you kidding?  I can't imagine paying approx. $300 for a 40" Sam MES with the expectation it would last only a year.  Even a 30" at approx $175 should give good service for 10 years.   When I say service that doesn't mean parts won't fail, I have owned my Weber Genesis Silver B BBQ grill, 11 years, and I have replaced almost everything in that Weber and some things twice.

    (grates = twice, flavorizer bars = twice, regulator = once, thermometer = once, burner tubes = twice, ignitor = once)  I still love my Weber grill and use it a couple times a week.  Why is that better than other grills, because I can go to at least 3 locations near me and get any part the same day and grill, other makes of grills that isn't true.  My sister went through 2 grills before they finally purchased a weber, in the same 11 years.

    I have already pointed out in another post today that when I purchased my 40" Stainless Steel Sam's MES 2 years ago, I did it with the knowledge that the wiring would fail.  I also did with the expectation that everything but the cabinet would eventually fail.  I purchased the MES because at the time I could get a stainless steel insulated cabinet smoker, that could handle a lot of food with digital control, external wood chip access, and thousands of MES satisfied owners giving the thumbs up.  There was no way I could either build or find another electric smoker with the quality,  controls, consistent great performance, at such a great price.  I even paid an extra $40 for shipping since the MES was not at my local Sams (at the time even with the extra $40 my total cost was under $300).  My 40" SS MES sits outside under the roof eave covered on a stand, good weather or bad weather (admittedly Sacramento area the weather is mild compared to other places), and has smoked some great tasting meat at least 100 times since purchase.   I know I will eventually replace the heat elements, wiring, controller, and have no worries because I can easily find 3rd party parts on the internet.  For me the MES 40" is a great smoker. 

    As you can tell I am a huge MES fan, however I am not basing my loyalty on my experience alone.  The testimony from so many SMF members who are MES owners confirms that the MES delivers HUGE bang for buck compared to competitors.
  3. kurtsara

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    I am on my fourth year with my 30" and third year with my 40", I have done the electrical fix on both of them, in the little box behind the element
  4. flyhigh123

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    costco needs to carry the mes... then its a lifetime warranty :D
  5. dale5351

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    I have a four year old 30" MES.  I like it because of the precise controls as compared to gas or charcoal.  The electrical connection failed at three years and again last month -- nevertheless, it is still doing a good job for me.

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