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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by doomahx, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Hi, I recently purchased a MES 30 and I am planning on using it in my driveway. I would rather not have tons of smoke at ground level so I am planning on attaching a 5 foot aluminum duct hose to the top vent, i would run this hose up a brick wall with no windows. My idea seems pretty straight forward but I just want to make sure that It is actually as straight forward as I imagine it will be so I don't accidentally blow myself and the cat up. I realize smoke will inevitably leak out of other places and will pour out when i open the door, i don't mind that at all.. i just want to steer the majority of the smoke up and away.
  2. It is easy to generate thick smoke if you load up the chip tray too much. You should put only enough chips in to generate a thin blue smoke (TBS). You might also consider getting a AMNPS. It generates a TBS that is not very noticable.  You may decide you do not need the pipe.
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    As pointed out TBS isn't a lot of smoke and usually isn't annoying.  I'm not sure how a long piece of duct would affect drafting, you might want to transition from a 3" at the vent to 4 or 5 inch.  It may not be a factor at all.  You can go down to a HVAC supply outlet "wholesaler", they sell 3" and 4" aluminum in 10' lengths for bath vents, it is flexible and semi rigid.

    Our previous house, I had my MES 40 under the eave, and tried using it there, the smoke would get into the eave vents and the whole house would smell like BBQ.  So I tried pulling the smoker out 6 to 10 ft and depending on the wind the same thing would happen.  To solve the problem I simply duct taped the two eave vents in that area, and no more smoky BBQ smell in the house - problem solved.  I could even smoke under the eave again, especially in the winter.
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    I bought the flexible 3 inch aluminum and is seems to be working so far. It's been going at 225 for roughly 2 hour now, thin blue smoke coming out of the top. I have been tossing in a few chips every 30 mins or so and that seems to be working well. [​IMG]
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    My first smoke was a success. Baby back ribs. kielbasa(not in picture, was a beautiful 36 incher that I picked up at a polish butcher) and zucchini were all amazing. The chicken breasts came out a bit dry but I was expecting that based on what I read. I will use the rest of the chicken to make a smoked chicken salad for sandwiches this week.


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