MES 30 and the A-MAZ-N

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    Most seem to think it won't work or needs special conditions, Airflow or some such silliness.

    Got tired of feeding the chip hopper every hour during a long smoke and most of mine run four otr five hours or more and I got better things to do then check back to put some chips in the hopper.

    Took some research and trial runs but between the few tips I found and trying this and that I can now reliably get a five hour traditional TBS out on one row of pellets in the A-MAZ-N with the chip drawer closed and the vent 1/4 to 1/2 open.

    Some of what follows is essential some maybe not so but it works so I'm not going to dick with it.

    1 - Fill number of required rows with pellets to the evenly and to the top. Pat then down a bit.

    2 - Essential - Dump them out onto a plate and microwave for two minutes at 50% power make sure they are spread out. If necessay do more then one plate full.

    3 - Refill rows evenly, to the top and pat down

    4 - Essential - Iight the start of the first row and get it burning and LET IT BURN FOR AT LEAST TEN MINUTES.

         note - getting the pellets pellets to burn to start with proved problematic. Best method I found was a brulee torch. very hot direct         flame and will get the pellets going in less the two minutes. Do this outside the smoker. Best place I could find to do this is on the grate of my charcoal grill.

    5 - Blow out the fire and place the grate into the still off MES

    6 - Essential - placement is next too the smoker box and on top of the two bars that support it. Place it as far forward as possible while still having it  stable.

    7 - Give it about ten minutes then fireup the MES and it is business as usual.

    Note - Food dripping could be a problem. Most ot the A-MAZ-N is covered by the water pan.for the rest if there is a danger place the bottom rack in with a three inch strip of foil front to back on the left edge and that should do the job. Haven't had the problem yet so I don't know for sure.

    Note - My primary smoking wood is hickory so I have hickory pellets. I've found that if I want to add a little additional smoke flavor such as cherry or misquite dropping chips in the chip burner for the first hour or hour and a half works just fine.

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    I fill the tray and place in in the MES while it warms up.  I have found that will sufficiently dry any moisture from the pellets.  A good 8-10 minute burn works well as you have noted.

    I like to place the lit end toward the back while pulling out the chip loader about an inch.  Seems to work well for me.
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    If it works fine by me. Think I'll stick with my way if only because I'm only dealing with cold metal and no gloves but thanks for the alternative.


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