MES 30 and Pork Loin

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by cueinco, Jan 19, 2014.

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    I'm new to the MES having been a charcoal (Weber) smoker in the past. I just fired up my new MES 30 for a pork loin. Since the one I picked up at Costco was too large for the rack, I cut it in half. I put the thicker half on the bottom rack, took out the middle rack, and placed the slightly thinner half on the top rack. 

    I put a needle thermocouple in the top loin and used a ceramic coated thermocouple sticking up in the air to measure air temp. The smoke was two hours and the temp varied between 239-258 through the cook. The average was pretty close to 250. 

    I went to pull the loins when the IT was 141, I used a thermapen to check the temps and was shocked that the bottom loin, the large one, was 160 and the thinner one that I had the thermocouple in was 141. 

    Is this common for the MES? Does the bottom rack normally run that much hotter than the upper rack? I guess from now on, I'll use a probe in all the meats I smoke. Or, perhaps rotate them when I add more chips. 

    I did use a pint of water in the water pan and I did add more chips an hour into the cook. 

    Thanks in advance for the insight. 
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    Heat rises but the heating element on the mes is at the bottom so I never use the bottom shelve on anything that requires a long time. I have a mes 40 and I always try to use the two middle racks.

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