mailbox mod upgrade for my MES

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by thechefslc, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. thechefslc

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    So this winter I had a hell of a time keeping my pellets burning. As such i have decided to get rid of my mailbox and upgrade it a little bit. 

    My new chamber will allow me to even burn some chunks instead of just pellets.

    This is still being worked on, but this is about 2-3 hrs into it so far. It is hard to get time between the kids and work.

    I am using 1/8" steel. that was part of a headstone concrete form that was too small for new regulations. I am cutting this out with just an angle grinder with cutoff wheels. The door itself is 3/4" larger than the AMNPS. I will be adding air dampeners to the bottom where the door is and I will have a stand that the pellet smoker or chunks can burn on.

    This is just something being made as I got sick of not being able to keep my pellets burning. I have no plans and did no calculations. I am pretty sure this will hold me over till I can locate my propane or compressor tank for the reverse offset smoker build I am going to build as soon as I can. I want to have me a real smoker, lol.

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  2. It looks like it should work. [​IMG]  why you say a MES is not a real smoker????

    When you get a chance will you add your location to your profile?

    Happy smoken.

  3. thechefslc

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    The MES is a real smoker, just not the greatest. When i said real smoker, u mean my reverse flow that i plan on building. As soon as i find a cooking chamber of 100 - 180 gallon tank, i will be breaking ground.
  4. wolfman1955

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    These words ring true for some one wanting a stick burner who has built a modified mailbox cause he don't like tending a MES!! Wait till he is doing an all nighter on his reverse flow! He will be begin for his mailbox and his MES!!

    Keep Smokin!!!

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  5. thechefslc

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    I completed the box on Friday and was able to do a 2am smoke of some pulled pork for a bday part at 4pm on Saturday. 

    The pork turned out very well.

    I tried to get a few more build pics but my camera was not working at the time. Id rather build the thing than figure out my phone's camera.

    Here is the completed hooked up to my MES and also the finished pork.


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