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  1. Ok here's my modded smoker. I added the mailbox mod and put it on a roll cart. For the interior, I Removed heat deflector. What else can I do to the inside to make it better?
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    Nice cart. I have a similar utility cart just a bit wider. It puts the MES at a great height...JJ
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    Is that a Gen 1? If so, I think a lot of people have added a larger heat deflector to help with the hot spot on the right side.
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    I fabricated a "tunnel" to move the exhaust to the center top of the smoke chamber and added some flex to the end of the elbow to move the smoke and air entering to the center... The flex has holes in it, to help distribute the smoke.... I left the chip pan in the smoker to help with heat absorption and thermal mass..... Seems to work pretty good for me.....

    The tunnel, I drilled two small holes and put some "tie wire" through the hole and attached it to the exhaust adjusted in the top.... I just bent the wire over one of the four hole supports... if that makes any sense..... click on the pics to enlarge them and you can see the tie wire hump......
    If you don't have the MB mod, maze goes on the wires as shown....

    .. ..
    .. ..
    .. ..
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  5. It's definitely easier on the back. I can also wheel it in and out of my shed to move it around. I just wish it had a pair of locking wheels. going to have to look around  for a matching pair
  6. not sure if it is? I was looking through the numbers but didn't find mine. the # 20071011. Also, I seen a couple different pictures of deflectors, could you send me a picture by chance?
  7. Yes I seen that and know its a must do. the box has a serious hot spot that can leave meat charred. what type of material did you use for the deflector? also, you just leave the chip tray in its spot? My water pan stays in as well but it has play sand and wrapped in foil. thanks
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  9. daveomak

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    For the tunnel/deflector, I used some aluminum roof flashing... available in rolls at big box stores... baked enamel finish...

    The chip tray stays in it's original position... It could be filled with sand or gravel also for thermal mass....
  11. Ok I made a deflector made of aluminum. Next question is there are minor gaps should I try to seal them?
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    Those small opening won't make a problem... The big opening is where the draft will be drawn to... Too much resistance for the flow to go through those small slits....
    Nice job..... now you can do a test and see if the HOT SPOT has been reduced, moved, or is gone all together... I really noticed the hot spot when doing beef sticks... some burnt, some almost raw.....

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