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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by morrit, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Hi. New to sausage making... Infact
    .. not made them yet! Does anyone have a good basic recipe for a low fat lean sausage ratio? Due to dietary requirements I can't digest too much fat lest I suffer for it... any thoughts? I have natural casings and cellulose casings if that's any help.... thanks in advance folks!
  2. Hello Morrit,

    The search feature on this forum will get you information on just about anything regarding smoking and a whole lot of other topics.

    Try this thread:

    Low Fat Apple And Caramelized Onion Pork Loin Sausage
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    Hi. I did the search and it came back with a LOT of threads so thought I would narrow it down. Lol. This recipe looks fantastic thanks so much!
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    Tasty low fat sausage is definitely possible. I am fairly new to sausage making but I have found you can take any sausage recipe and make it leaner by changing the protein.  As mentioned above, I have had great luck with boneless skinless chicken thighs...comes in at about 8 grams of fat per 3-4oz link.  If you are looking for about 10-12 grams of a fat,  you can use half pork loin, half pork butt.  The key I have found is just to make sure you do not overcook them!  I also like to add a half a cup of non fat dry milk to each 5 pound batch.  I learned that from the chicken sausage recipe shared above which I highly recommend.  Richie has a got a winner in that recipe!

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