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  1. hi all i have a barbeque trailer. I am looking for new and unusual things to cook for my barbeque craving cliental. Things that we cook all the time are, pulled pork, brisket, side ribs,back ribs, farmers sausage, peameal bacon, pork and beef burgers, fatties, hotdogs, turkey legs, the  hog (pemeal bacon cheese sausage and pulled pork on top served on a sausage bun).

    I am looking for ideas like the beer mug fattie which i have expereimented with.  I would like to try to make pig candy soon, and abt's I have come up with a new thing that we will be starting next year, which is a pulled pork parfait which is pulled pork, mashed potatoes and baked beans as the topping sauce, served in an icecream parfait glass.
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    And you want us to come up with other stuff????? OK what about didferent types of meat. Exotic animals could be different. Maybe a possum an armidillos are big in fla.
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    The "hog" sounds amazing and deadly. Any pics of it?
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    no fish dishes? you have the whole seafood arena to tackle. 
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    LAMB-B-Que! YUM!...Ribs, Pulled Leg, or cooked Med and Sliced... Lemon. Oregano, Garlic and EVOO marinade, then served with LTO and TZATZIKI...You can always ride the TACO Craze 'til people get Bored...The HOG sounds Awesome...on the must do list, thanks ...JJ
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    Whatever you come up with, please post the results!

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