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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by iron, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I made a batch of jerky yesterday using Lem cure.  Honestly i am not sure Why i used it i don't expect it to last weeks and i had the temp 150-170 the whole time, i guess because i had heard to use a cure.. i didn't research anything before i did. i used a pre-mixed brine that came with a cure packet. the packet was supposed to be for 10# of meat, i didn't have 10# i didn't weigh the meat i just guessed i had 4-5# the instructions said use a 1/4 scant tsp of cure per pound...here is where i am now wondering.. i do not know what a ' scant tsp' is and didn't look it up (mistake#1) i didn't weigh my meat (Mistake #2) i didn't use a measuring spoon, just a teaspoon from the drawer (Mistake #3) i didn't think at the time this was a big deal, figuring nobody would sell a packet that could end up poisoning a person...but after i spent the day making this i noticed in bold letters "do not use more cure than recommended" that lead me to do what i should have done first..looked on the net for info.. problem is i cant find anywhere that will tell me if there is a specific overdose amount... would you guys throw this away? or go ahead eating it? i used about half, maybe 3/4 of the cure packet for half the recommended weight.. is this enough to get a person sick?   i am just pretty ticked at myself for not looking into this before hand..

    i don't expect you guys to spend hours doing research for me, just a eat it/toss it will do. 

    Thank you, i have been member here for years and i don't post often, but i do read when i have a question..usually!
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    Well your temps from 150-170 cure should be used. Temps 190 and above the use of cure is up to you.

    Wha tmaker was the pre mix?

    Proper cure #1 amounts are 1 level tsp per every 5 lbs of meat to be cured.


    5 lbs of meat use 1 level tsp

    10 lb======2 level tsp


    If you are not sure about your poundage of meat to the amount of cure you needed to use.


    Many people are often confused on how much pre packaged cure to use. Some companies will break the recipe down into smaller batches and show how much of the cure they have supplied to use.

    My 2 bits
  3. I wouldn't take the chance, I would toss it.
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    Just curious, did the cure go directly on the meat or into the brine?   Normally when a brine is made the concentration of the cure in the brine is all that is important.  As long as the meat is properly covered with brine and the "uptake" of the brine is about right the procedure is pretty fool proof.    Curing 5 lbs of meat in a gallon of brine is pretty much the same as curing 2 lbs of meat in a gallon of cure/brine.  When adding cure directly to comminuted meat or as a dry cure the amount of cure you use is determined by the weight of the meat being cured'.  Great care should be given to both measurements.

    I sure wish all these cures would specify measurements by weight.  Small digital scales are so inexpensive now days everyone in this hobby should have and use them. 
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    Thanks for the input and not beating me up over my stupidity... the cure went into the brine..i will just toss it and chalk it up to experience. man what a shame it looks and smells so good.

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