Leftover brisket - Wow them again (with Q View)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jtj, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Its been a little while since I had time to post anything here, but I actually had this weekend free, and as usual was nominated to smoke a bunch of meat. Not that I mind or anything, but the only trouble is when I go overboard, even I get tired of sliced beef sandwiches 3 nights in a row. No one likes to throw out food either (at least in my house) so changin' it up a bit is always a welcome adventure.

    I smoked 2 briskets, ribs and several blocks of cheese for company we had coming over the other night, and when everyone had the top button popped on their pants and the same look as John Candy after polishing off the 96 oz. steak in Great Outdoors, there was still a bunch of brisket left. Once again, I over did it, cooking way too much food! We sent some slices home with those not too proud to take a doggie bag, and still had this @ 5 lb. hunk left.


    I saw the kids faces when I said brisket for dinner, and could hear the "not again" under their breath. Being my 3rd or fourth meal since Friday consisting of brisket, I wasn't exactly disagreeing with them either. As you can see I had robbed the burnt ends off of this slab long ago, so it was down to just the core of the brisket. I did some cabinet reconnaissance and found the ingredients to recreate a meal my wife and I had some time back at a local dive that was PHENOMENAL! Grilled cheese stuffed with brisket. Kind of like a Texas BBQ twist on a quesadilla.


    Obviously you need Texas toast, and I had some smoked cheddar left over too. The originals had horseradish sauce and sauted onions mixed in, but I was the only one who would eat the onions so they were excluded from this batch (Sorry I was outvoted 4 to 1)

    Now for the "recipe", which is pretty much just making grilled cheese sandwiches, but I spread butter on the outside (to help soften and brown the bread) and spread a thin layer of horseradish sauce on both inside surfaces. layer the cheese in, then the meat, which has been chopped into some coarse pieces like shown below (you can leave it small slices or chop it up real fine, its all just preference.). Make a grilled cheese sandwich on a flatop like normal and serve!


    The pieces were about the size of a postage stamp, just take a stack of normal slices, then cut back down the length of the stack to desired size. Saves the mess of pieces flying and splatters on your "Kiss the cook" apron..


    Just add more cheese on top then a prepped slice of bread and let the cheese melt and "glue" it all together.. We cheated a little and used shredded cheese from a bag for the kids... There wasn't enough smoked cheese left for all 5 of us to make them like this. The kids didn't know the difference ;)


    Here was the final plate, except my wife dug in asap when I set it down to get my camera again! The slaw and beans were leftovers too, I just dumped some stubb's spicy bbq sauce in the beans to liven them up from previous nights. If you have a couple of people to help prep and a large flat top griddle like our counter top plug in one, these sandwiches could be good for a large party where everyone will be mingling as they eat etc instead of a sit down dinner. Just cut them in half/triangles and let people grab them as they walk by the table vs. making a plate.. Hope you enjoy these as much as we did!
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    jtj-looks great to me. Today I made up some quesadillas with some leftover pulled pork for lunch.  Ma couldn't believe that I would use pulled pork as a filling for quesadillas. Hers must have been good 'cus she came looking for seconds. 

    Another use for leftover brisker it to cut it into chunks and run it through the course head of a grinder or course chop it in a food processor and use the meat for tacos or chili.
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    Adventures in leftovers. I love it!
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    Great looking sammie!

    Your making me hungry!

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