Last minute ribs (spare and back) (now with Q-View)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by hailcorduroy, May 15, 2011.

  1. My wife and I decided on the way home last night to stop and get some ribs for today.  Got 'em on the smoker around noon and they are setting at 137 degrees right now.  This is my 2nd smoke session and I'm hooked.


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    Looking good!!

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    Looking good
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    Looks good,

    Smokin' is addictive!  [​IMG]
  6. Side items that are going on the grill in about 30 minutes.  Onions; red, yellow and orange bell peppers; snap peas; and pineapple to be grilled in our grill wok.  Below is corn on the cob, now brushed with EVOO and salt and peppered, wrapped in foil.  My wife is also grilling some chicken we had that was about to expire.


  7. Man, those were some good ribs.  Not quite as tender as I wanted.  Got 'em up to 170 degrees and everything else was done, so we had to eat.  

    Some Q-View


    Nice smoke ring

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    Great looking ribs!
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    Ribs look great...
  11. Great job on the smoke ring...your ribs looks awesome.

    Its amazing how fast and how deep the hook sets into a guy after our first couple of smokes...I used to be content with my normal "menu", now every food I look at triggers the thoughts, "...I wonder how that would be on the WSM?" or  "...this would be awesome smoked!!"  It's a helluva addiction but I'm glad to have this one...I'm picturing an empty room with the words BBQics ANONYMOUS on the blackboard!

    Happy smoking,

    Matt in Moose Jaw  [​IMG]

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