lactic acid starter culture

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    what other alais  does it go by and where do i get it? have a recipe that calls for it but no clue  where to get it looked at butcher packer and sausage maker????????????
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    Butcher Packer has several starter cultures. Which does your recipe call for?
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    just says 1/3 cup lactic-acid starter culture
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    Got a link to the recipe or for the book it came out of?
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    Btw, you will never get the sticks to 155*F if your heat is 150* as the recipe suggests. Might want to do some more homework on this one.
  7. For fermented sausages that are going to be cooked, I use live-culture heaping teaspoon yogurt and a couple tablespoons of water.

    For ferment dry cured sausages that are NOT cooked, it's recommended that Bactoferm™ F-LC be used for protection against listeria monocytogenes, the bacterium that causes listeriosis.

    "Bactoferm™ F-LC meat culture with bioprotective properties for production of fermented sausages with short or traditional production times. F-LC is recommended for the production of all types of fermented sausages. Depending on fermentation temperature, acidification is either traditional, fast or extra fast. F-LC is a mixed culture containing Pediococcus acidilactici, Lactobacillus curvatus and Staphylococcus xylosus in a convenient freeze-dried form. P. acidilactici ensures reliable acidification whereas S. xylosus results in strong flavor development and a good, stable color. Due to bacteriocin production both L. curvatus and P. acidilactici contribute to suppressing growth of Listeria monocytogenes"

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    Enlighten me, how is fermentation reserved exclusively for dry curing?

  10. Who said fermentation is exclusive to dry curing?

    I didn't.
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    I guess you must have bolded certain text by accident then.
  12. No, I don't think so.

    This thread is about 'slim jims', I think......right???

    'Slim Jims' can be made it several ways.

    Fermento or the like added for 'tang'.
    Fermented and cooked.
    Fermented and dry-cured or semi-dry cured, un-cooked.

    I mentioned both fermented and cooked as well as fermented and dry-cured (as a process), un-cooked.

    Sorry for any confusion!
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  13. Yes, that recipes does have some major issues.

    Too much salt.

    Too much cure.

    Starter culture and curing confusion.

    Temperature confusion.

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    I just wanna jump in here.

    We have allot of new sausage makers here trying to get all this down and create some nice sausage whether being fresh, smoked, or for the advanced semi dry and dry cured.

    I'm not telling you not to go with the Lactic Acid starters for your sausage. The LA starters can be kinda tricky and SOME require a R/H factor with cold/heat to achieve the fermentation required with a level of PH for final tang. Some of these require equipment such as fermentation cabinets, temp controllers, R/H control and so on needed. Unless you have an enviroment where mother nature controls the hanging area.

    If your wanting the so called TANG, There are a few ways to get this with either fermento, store bought buttermilk powder, ECA and even 100% fat free buttermilk which has Lactic Acid in it already.



    Its called KISS





    If your a beginner follow the package instructions or if you need help ask here. If your going to make your own ingredients ask again for help. Many great sausage makers here that i'm sure can help. If you need a book there are a few out there to help.

    So as a group we can help the new members in the sausage venture. None of us like to have meat tossed because it was not done right or even worse get SICK or someone else SICK.

    Ask, Ask and if your not sure Ask again........There are no dumb or stupid questions. And if your not sure what your sausage is doing TAKE A PIC and post it so we can help (I know everyone has a camera) Never be embarrassed by a smoke that didnt go right....WE ALL BEEN THERE AND IT STILL HAPPENS.

    We all have different results with our smokes. Yours may or may not resemble others sausage.

    My ¢25 worth
  15. Good question and helpful info! Thanks for the info. I have to admit, making sausage scares the hell out of me, but doesn't mean I won't give it a shot!
  16. ldrus

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    sure if you have a slim jim recipe to share ill gives it a try
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    SausageBoy, I'm with Ikrus on this one....  it is time for the A#1 slim jim recipe from SausageBoy....  Give it up... Make sure all the details are there so they come out perfect....  Now, keep it simple as some of us are pretty much new at this.... I just bought casings and I am ready to go...

  18. I can do without the sarcasm.

    Maybe SolarYellow can help you with a recipe!?

    I'm done with this thread, and likely the entire forum!!!!
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    Sorry to hear that Sausageboy.

    lkrus - This is a fairly decent recipe to start off with. I like to add ECA to it for a little more tang. Also, if you like spicy 1/4 - 1/2 cup of dried jalapeno or a full cup of fresh diced jalapeno works well. Sticks.pdf

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