Kudos to Thermoworks

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by rabbithutch, Jan 1, 2016.

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    On Christmas Eve I discovered that my ChefAlarm was not functioning properly when I tried to set it up for a rib roast I was cooking. I e-mailed their customer service thinking that they were probably on holiday and I wouldn't hear from them until this week. Instead, I got an almost immediate response (Thank You, Joshua!). After trying the things suggested and providing my purchase information I received an e-mail response saying that a replacement probe would be sent by FedEx shipped on Saturday because their warranty extends 2 years!!!!

    The probe came and my problems are resolved.

    You cannot get much better customer service than that.
  2. Agreed
    I had a similar problem with my ChefAlarm. I tested the probe and it was bad. So I was ordering a new probe along with a ThermoPen. I mentioned to the person who was taking my order that my probe had quit. They suggested I speak to their service people and that maybe it could be fixed. I was transfered and told the guy what had happened. He said a new probe would be sent. No charge. I was floored I never asked for or expected anything like this.

    Great costumer service to say the least along with great products.

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