Just joined the forum - so hi to everyone.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by eusher, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. eusher

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    My name is George. I have been smoking meat for many years, using gas smokers (smokey mountain currently). Started doing chickens, then pork, then salmon. It was only after buying Jeffs rub/sauce recipes that I started doing beef (brisket). Seriously looking at buying an egg. They seem to be very versatile. Also looking at building a barrel smoker. Anyone looking for great beef, pork, chicken come to Iowa - it's the best!
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    Welcome to the SMF Family...My wife complains 'cause my Butcher is an hour away now!...Iowa? [​IMG]...JJ
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    Hello George and welcome to SMF - looking forward to seeing some of your work 
  4. Hello George and welcome to SMF!
  5. smokinal

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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!

    Do us a favor & update your profile to include your location. Thanks!
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    Welcome aboard
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    Welcome aboard, George!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    [​IMG]  to SMF. You have come to the right place for smoking info. This site is loaded with great info just use the search bar at top of page to find what you are looking for. If you can't locate the answer just ask folks here are willing to share there knowledge.
  10. Welcome, Iowa!  What part of Iowa do you call home?  Was raised in Keokuk, looooooooong time ago.

    You'll love this place, and learn LOTS!!!!

    Welcome and good smoking,    'Smoke 'em if you got got 'em' !!!


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