just got done with my under $50 reverse flow build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by saleen9973, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. saleen9973

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    Hey guys just finished my budget RF smoker today. old 100 lb  propane tank free, two old 10lb propane tanks free , some old bed frames, and some old steel I had laying around. RF plate is 1/4" everything cost me less than $50 bucks to make including paint.
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  2. saleen9973

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    I took some temp readings with my infared temp gun. The RF plate gets about 400-450 degrees right over the firebox opening then goes to about 250 degrees by the opening with a large fire in the box. it took me about 3 hours to find a sweet spot of 240 degrees in the chamber, if I have a good amount of coals close the side slide damper and keep the door damper open a little more than 1/4 it sits at 240*. its cold out here in NY it was 17 degrees while I seasoned it and played with it today. I am sure if its warmer I will have to dial it in different. I wont know how well it cooks til tomorrow when I do some chix thighs.
  3. saleen9973

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    I still need to add some vertical clamps to the chamber door I have a few leaks in the door. Some of the parts like the firebox handle wheels and temp gauge came off a old cheap charbroil offset smoker. The expanded metal was given to me from a friend. I think I need to make a charcoal basket. I still have a piece of stainless expanded metal that's 20x36 I will use that. Please feel free to criticize my build tell me what I did wrong or right. This is my first build and I am no welder so some of my welds are ugly but hold.
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    Nice job!!

    You really have some skills!

  5. saleen9973

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    Well it seems I have to some mods to the firebox. I am getting a major hot spot on the baffle plate right above to two hole from the firebox. It seems flames are going right up and hitting the plate, so I think I will weld in a baffle plate in the firebox right below the two holes to deflect the flames so I just get heat and no fire. Do you guys think that may help?

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