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  1. Do you add flavored wood  to the offset smokers??
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    Could you give more detail as to what a "flavored wood" is?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. Hmmmmmmmmm lemme see maple,hickory,mesqite,alder,apple,pecan,cherry that enough??
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    In defense of Venture, there are some companies that add flavored oils to woods like Maple or Oak.

    I would say you should be cooking with a hardwood, like oak, and add woods like Maple, Apple and Hickory for smoking.

    A stick burner should be along soon

  6. you are right of course i didn't explain what i mean't very well

     i use an electric smoker

     i didn't know if you added hardwood or chips to the offset

    that's why i bought a small one to learn
  7. I use chunks. They smolder better. Chips burn up to quick.
  8. Flavored wood could be the type such as hickory or other. It could be Hickory + A wine. Yum or It could be any wood type plus a juice or wine and seasonings like Cinnamon. It all cool.

  9.  I have a guy in Welland Ont.that will sell me fruitwood chunks apple,cherry,pear

     and i guess i can buy some firewood hardwood  also

     will i add sticks of hickory and such is that ok too
  10. Yea now your talking.

    Maple syrup put on wood chips. oh yea Yum

  11. Hey bud, do you think this guy would ship to Quebec. I've been searching for a good source for fruit woods for a long time, without much success.
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    You have a new small offset and you would like to fuel it and  get a nice smoke flavor to your meal.

    I think the easiest way to learn on an offset is to start with charcoal in the side box.  Build a small fire that will burn easily and keep a steady temp in the cooking chamber.  I think the Minion method is a good starting point.  Regarless, you want to start with a fire in the center of the firebox and drag charcoal toward the center as it burns down.  With the fuel source the first thing you are trying to achieve is a nice steady chamber temp in the 220 to 240 range.  Once you achieve that you can look at adding flavoring wood to the cooking fire.  Maybe some mesquite ships or apple chips, something you can buy at a local big box store.  Add a handful at a time, kind of sprinkled out over your hot coals.  No need to wet them, you want them to burn and give you a nice clean, clear smoke.   Remember, when you are learning, keeping a good cooking chamber temp is the most important thing.  Good charcoal will give you good flavor.

    When you get comfortable with controlling your flame you can replace some of the charcoal fuel with wood chunks.  They are cheaper then chips and if done properly burn slow and add good flavor.  I like pecan, because we have so much of it down here and it is just another form of hickory anyway.

    Many of us use charcoal and wood chips in our small offsets all the time but with practice you can go to using small wood splits, about the diameter of a beer can or smaller and maybe 10 to 12 inches long.

    Did I say the most difficult thing to master in a small offset is temperature control in the smoking chamber?

    When you ;move to a larger, heavier offset like the Langs or Bubba Smokers you can use larger pieces of wood and pay less attention to the chamber temps because the smokers have so much steel they hold temps pretty steady, not a trait of the smaller offsets.

    Start with charcoal and wood chips, they burn easy, smoothly and consistently

    Good Luck and let us know how it goes

  13. Wayde Teutenberg [email protected]     that's his email all it is, is a question he will or he won't
  14. i would also look in kijiji for Kingston Picton area which is also a large fruit tree area
  15. Thanx Al
  16. wteutenberg   @ cogeco.ca          fruitwood in WELLEND
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    The automatic forum defense isn't letting your post through. You might want to PM the email address instead of posting it.  Sorry for the trouble!!
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    LOL, then I would suppose all wood is flavored in some way.  And you can at those to any smoker, not just an offset.

    Flavoring wood could be interesting, but it all goes up in smoke. Kinda like adding beer to your water. You're really not going to taste the beer.
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  20. Always happy to entertain lmao

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