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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by santaclaws, Dec 28, 2014.

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    So I got me a traeger Jr from Costco. Have used it a few times, makes fantastic food and I don't seem to have any problems like others.

    I've made a few delicious things, however my smoking knowledge is weak. Drastically over cooked some steaks tonight. I guess I'm looking for a few pointers.

    I want to mostly do a true smoke, and that's how I killed the steaks. Smoked them at 180 for 4 hours, then turned up heat and grilled them. Just overcooked, and that's on me.

    I bought a meat thermometer afterwards, I could've done better if I had it.

    Any tips on how to do a true smoke, slow and low, with minimal high temp cooking?


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    Claws, I am sorry you were disappointed with the steaks.  For steaks I figure 130 IT for a rare steak and I am sure that 180 degrees for 4 hours was too long.  I try to smoke pork or beef at 235.  It is important to be able to control your smoker temps and a Maverick thermometer will monitor smoker temps.  I would try a pork butt if I were you.  The pork butt is one of the most forgiving pieces of meat.  Smoke it at 235 until the IT is 165.  Pull it and foil it and back on the smoker until the IT hits 203-205.  Pull it and place it in an ice chest to rest for an hour or so.  Remove it from ice chest and make pulled pork.

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    Thanks for the tip Richard, I will have to do that! I'm planning on smoking some pork spare ribs this week, would like to run low temp smoke, any tips? My traeger doesn't have the temp dual, just smoke (runs at 180), medium (about 300), and high (about 450). Any tips would help!
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  4. I also have the jr from Costco. I do the 3-2-1 however, there a little too done for me but the family likes them that way. I start at 180 and sometimes , after I sauce,the last hour I kick it up. If I may suggest vacuum you smoker after every use.
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  5. My traeger has the digital thermostat on it and you can replace your 3 setting dial with it if you want. I do my steaks at the 225 setting for around 30 minutes to get the smoke then will turn up to 350 for final grill. I dont flip until it has been approx 10-15 min at the higher temp. When i flip i cut test one to look for a "pinkness" test to know how much longer to leave them on. For my family its usually about 15 minutes more. They are not the rare steak eaters.

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