Jerky Friendly Propane Smoker?

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by cajun smoke, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I am wanting to get a propane smoker soon and in addition to all the other delicious things i want to smoke in it, i would like to smoke some jerky and sausage as well. I have noticed that most of the propane smokers out there don't have the ability to function below 200 degrees. Does anyone know any that do? If not, what are some techniques/modifications I can do to get my propane smoker to stay below 200. Any help will be much appreciated!
  2. I have a Master Forge propane smoker and I can keep temps as low as 140-150 in mine. I have made plenty of jerky in it with no problem.
  3. nice. i saw one of those at lowes but it seemed so small. has its size ever been an issue for you?
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    I have a Smoke Vault & it will run at low temps too, but you have to be careful because the flame will go out if it's a little windy.
  5. I can hang 20 lbs of sausage with no problem. I just hung a 20 lb pork belly cut in three sections.
  6. well i just found out that my parents are buying me an MES 30 for christmas so it looks like ill be going the electric route for now. probably better for sausage and jerky anyway. thanks for the help though guys. i look forward to sharing my first q view.
  7. Yeah when i decide to get a gas smoker later on in the future i'll most likely go with the GOSM.

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