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  1. It is smoker clearance time. The big box stores are starting to get rid of grills smokers and the accessories. Just a heads up if your thinking of new equipment.

    Happy smoken.

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    Oh man.....I was at the farm supply the other day. They are dealers for BGE's and Green Mountain. I've been fondling a GMG there and trying to justify the $750 with just 2 people in da house. Cheap @#$%*@#* won't give me my senior discount with a sale price....gotta be one or the other....grrrrrrrr
  3. I would bet that if you would walk into one of those big box stores AFTER Labor Day weekend with cash and ask for the manager that you could do very well, seriously.
  4. Look for a chip in the instructions.....then make a deal..

  5. I bought my Horizon 16" at a Bass Pro shop about 3 weeks ago and it was missing the butterfly damper, I pointed that out to the salesman and he checked with the manager and they immediately took off $85.00.  I called back the next day and mentioned that I was ready to buy and they took off another $15.00 and I bought it on the phone!  I don't like to bargain but I do it anyway, most of the time it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    As far as the price -- I bought a Hasty Bake 17 years ago and it still works great.  It was my first smoker and not cheap but certainly worth it, I found the paper work on it a few days ago and just smiled.  I think of all the great meals that unit has produced and it makes me feel good.  Just grit your teeth, close your eyes and go buy it!  After your first meal you will forget about the extra discount you didn't get [​IMG]
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    You're quite correct, of course. Buy once, cry once is my mantra. I want a Yoder.....will hold out and save a little more & get what I want.....a US made tank of a pellet pooper.

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