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  1. I want to start making sausage but it is hard to smoke hanging stuff on my ECB, is it possible to build a combo horazontal reverse flow/verticle smoker that is capable of hot or cold smoke in the verticle section? or has some one already built one?

    I am thinking a side fire box into a reverse flow then haveing the smoke stack flow into the bottom of the verticle section which would have a side door instead of a top door with the options of having racks or hanging rods. does this make sence?

  2. bbally

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    Building two of them at this time. Will snap some photos today and get them posted this week for you.
  3. tasunkawitko

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    you could get a little- or big-chief smoker, whis is designed exactly for this.

    another option might be to get two spare grates for your ecb and cut out every other rib of each grate (make the space between twice as wide). this should allow you to hang them quite easily.

    keep in mind that sausage smoking temperatures are much lower (no more than 180 degrees, if i remember correctly) than "regular" barbecue.
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    Actually thinking about building one of them myself will be interesting to see what info shows up may help me!!!!
  5. that would be great.. thanks
  6. I thought about that, the the problem is size.. the ECB is small enough to fit in my RV so I can take it camping, but I was thinking that I would want a bigger unit in the near future so I can do a wack of food if I have a party or something like that. but we also want to start making our own kelbassa, bacon, other sausages ect..

    I got nothing against an eletric smoker I made a jerky smoker years ago out of a old dishwasher but I didn't think it through that good and it way oversmoked stuff. but I wanted to stay with charcoal/wood if I can and I thought about temps, thats why I want something that is capable of cold smoke and hot smoke and anything inbetween.

    also since I retired this summer from the Navy I was looking for somthing to tinker on for a bit till I decide I need to go back to work [​IMG]

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    Check out the Lang website for some ideas, if you have not already.

    They were what popped into my mind when I read your first post.
  8. ya, but instead of a warmer I would want a verticle chamber that can cold or hot smoke.

    one idea I had was two seperate flues from the horazontal to the verticle. have the ability to close them off so you can pick which one to use. have one short or a direct feed, then have some lenght to the other out of a light gage steal so the smoke can cool befor it hits the upright section.

  9. fatback joe

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    I could be full of chit, but I believe that is an option. Seems like a couple of people on another forum I frequent had that done on their new Langs.......short/direct feed from the firebox with a damper in it.
  10. ok so here is the closest thing I have found to what I want to build. it will be a patio modle not trailered though. and I don't think this is a reverse flow. what are the benifits to reverse flow exactly?

  11. coyote-1

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    It's supposed to help even out temps across the entire smoke chamber. If that's important to you, reverse flow is somehing worth exploring.

    But some folk LIKE having disparities! Half the grill hotter than the other half can come in quite handy in some circumstances.
  12. fatback joe

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    Yep, what ^^ said.......even heating.
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    steve - i gotta agree with your logic in your first paragraph. the ecb is a great unit, but when making sausage it will only hold so much due to the requirement of hanging; also, if you are in a position where you are going to cook for a big crowd, it's time for a larger smoker, and it might as well be as versatile as possible!

    on your second paragraph, i agree with about 95% of it. the only disagreement would be that for sausage applications, the little (or big) chief is just about perfect for what it is designed for (which is definietly NOT smoke-cooking). in general, i am not a fan of electric smokers, but the chief smokers are smokehouses, which is a subtle distinction. because of the fact that the chief smokers' only real job is to generate smoke (and not really designed for temps beyond 170 degrees or so), they are, in my opinion, a good alternative to the time, expense and commitment of building an actual smokehouse (which i would love to have, by the way).

    having said that, when we get back to talking about making sausage in large quantities, the little chief (25 lbs capacity, if i remember correctly) comes up as too small and the big chief is only slightly better (50 lbs).

    good luck with the project! looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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    Steve, on my my Lang, I have the deluxe warmer with the upgrade- the upgrade adds to vents from the fire box straight into the warmer. I have had my warmer box as low as 120° and up as high as 375°-400°. What it basically boils down to is the size of the fire in the box.
  15. I think the biggest thing is I could build something cheeper than I could buy a big chief for and get a lot more versitility out of it, and besides it is project I can kill some time with [​IMG]

  16. so with that set up your choice is one or the other right? I think what I am trying to do is kill two birds with one stone.. if I am going to have the BBQ fired up doing some pork buts or something I was kinda thinking it would be a good time to use that left over smoke for doing things like sausage or cheese at a lower temp. not sure if it will work, but it might be worth a try.

  17. oldschoolbbq

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    If you are using a bullet -or-R2D2 type of ECB,look around in metal yards or CL or ask friends if they have an old one they don't want. Stack the body section on top of your ECB and chinch up the leaks to start smoking.With that much distance between heat source and sausage, you should be around the 160* you need.
    Just sayin'.....
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