insulate the cooking chamber?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by inkjunkie, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Sitting here looking at the compressor tank I will be using. After some reading have decided that the firebox will be getting insulate. Anybody care to educate me on insulating the cooking chamber, if it's even possible?
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    I've thought about it but put it on the side burner after trying to figure out how to handle the door at the upper hinge line. If you left that area uninsulated, it would only be a couple of inches for that width. I'm not in a cold climate so it is a non starter, but for guys up north, I think it would be worth the job. Like I said in another post, you don't need thick metal covering the insulation, you can get by with some much thinner sheet. If you could wrap some notch cut angle around it, you could rivet aluminum sheet on, that is much easier to work with and you really don't have to do more than the top half and ends. The domes would just be a bitch...
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    I am in Eastern Washington. Past several winters have been very mild So don't know if it would be worth it. Agree about the domes being a bitch...

    One of the tanks my neighbor is giving me looks to be slightly larger in diameter than a 60 gallon... but is a good deal longer. If my first RF build works correctly I may give it to my buddy in AZ as a gift and build another one using the above mentioned tank...perhaps put a divider in it and use a chunk of it as a regular grill...kind of what Lang has on 5hete site.
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