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Discussion in 'Pork' started by indianagriller, May 24, 2009.

  1. I am doing 13 lbs of boston butt 4 racks of spare ribs and 1 rack of baby back ribs, butts were coated with mustard,rubbed and put on at 0730 this AM. Ribs go on at noon for a hopeful 7:30 meal time.
  2. desertlites

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    looks and sounds good-going with local gal-Danica-better looking than the rest too.
  3. Looks like a great start. I'm up north in the Elhart / Bristol area. Looks like a great day to smoke. Keep us posted.
  4. trigger_cb

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    Go Smokenator! Looks good....Don't forget about about the Coke 600....
  5. No way - Indiana native Ryan Newman sitting on the pole tonight!
  6. After about 5 hours...

    Took the butts off the weber and into the gas grill to finish. I had to make room for the slabs of ribs in the weber.

    My helper patiently waiting for some scraps...
  7. so how did the butts turn out and how long were they on? Did you take any final q-view shots?
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    looking really good so far. Cann't wait for the finishing pics.
  9. The butts finished out about 5:45 so i put them in the cooler to rest and when i unwrapped them they fell apart before i could take any pics. The ribs turned out good as well although i did have on slab that seemed to stall out and not be tender. They did not draw back off the ends of the bones or anything, I am guessing just a tough slab of ribs. The rub i used was one i threw togther and it started out slightly sweet and ended with a slow burn. I would have took pictures after the meal of what was left but there was barely enough pork to make a sandwich and only one or two bones left of the ribs.
  10. indyadmin1974

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    Good looking stuff from a fellow Hoosier!
  11. How do you like the Smokenator?? I have considered buying one.
  12. looks like your "helper" has had plenty of scraps in his time!! LOL!! Nice looking smoke and great happy dog!
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    Wow that does look tasty! Like your helper too. [​IMG]
  14. The smokinator preformed flawless, i did a trial run saturday just to get the temp settings right. it held temps between 225-240 all day even in a bit of rain.
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    Nice job on the butts. Looks like it turned out well. [​IMG]

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