Increase range of wireless thermos

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by rodc, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Thanks. There is a mention of just bonding the #22 wire to, I believe, screw #1. Just which screw is #1? I would think that the case screws are isolated from the board.
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    I have the exact thermo so I think I might give it a try. My brother does too and he complains about the range all the time so maybe I will have him try it out first on his. hahaha
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    Screw 1 is on the top left in the picture in step 3 (tip anything in a yellow box has a comment attached).

    The guy that said that the screw was connected said he got it from the cct diagram but didn't try it - it would be an easy experiment before trying the full mod I suppose. I looked at the Cct diagram but I'm a communications engineer & have forgotten all I knew about Cct diagrams - we just unplug units and send them for repair.

    I'd try it but I'm still working with a wired thermo so get to delight in the Scottish weather.....
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    I've done the transmitter mod with excellent results. I still need to do some receiver mods to make it top notch, But I got to go back and find them again.
  6. FYI, I just finished an update to my original hack (I'm the author of that article on

    Regarding attaching the antenna to screw #1, that may work (and I originally thought of that as well) but I didn't want to bypass any of the other components leading up to the original built in antenna (inductors L5 and L6). I was advised not to do so by a EE friend of mine.

    The new revision has the shorter antenna (6.7"), a antenna tube added for durability, and overall cleanup of the article.

    As always, I welcome all feedback from the BBQ community!

    - John
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    Hey John, thanks for the help on the antenna it worked great for me. and welcome to the forums
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    Very interesting mod. for a wireless thermo , would this mod. work on all wireless thermo ? which model is this one ? THANKS
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    The thermo in the article is the Maverick et-73. I can't say it it would work on any other ones.
  10. Thanks Dan and glad to hear it also worked well for you!


    The general concept should work for other thermometers, but a lot of the specifics (such as antenna length, location of the built in antenna, etc..) would be unknown and possibly different.

    You could use the FCC ID Search site that I mention in my article to find more detail about the particular model you're interested in hacking.

    - John
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    Thanks for the reply !
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