Inaugural UDS Smoke. Pork Butts (with Q-View)

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by sontavas, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Well, I completed my first smoke this weekend.  I finished my UDS (Big Pappa Smoker Kit) during the week and was chomping at the bit to try it out.  I was hoping to try a brisket, but found that acquiring a whole packer brisket in Maryland can be exceedingly difficult.  I called about eight different places to get the packer, almost everyone had heavily trimmed flat, but no packers.  I finally found a butcher who said they had packers in stock but when I drove there they said they were out.  I found a place that can get them but said they need about 2-3 days notice, so next time I will have to plan a bit further in advance. 

    Anyhow, I ended up getting 13 pounds of boneless pork shoulder from Costco (two 6.5 pound butts).  I would have preferred bone-in but at this point I was just wanted to get meat on the bbq.  I dry rubbed the pork on Friday night and fired up the UDS on Saturday morning around 6am.  

    A couple of observations about the UDS.  I was VERY impressed at its ability to hold a constant temperature.  I was worried I was going to have to be tweaking it every 15 minutes, but it was insanely easy.  The one problem that I did encounter was I ran out of charcoal about 8.5 hours into the cook.  I had filled the basket to the brim with lump and apple wood but had to pull everything out and refill the basket to complete the cook.  This was a bit of an issue because I ran out of charcoal the one time that I left the house to take my son to a parade so when I came home my BBQ temp had fallen to about 140 and the pork temp fell about 3 degrees.  Besides that mishap, I smoked for about 14 hours between 220-255 degrees.  I foiled at IT of 165 and removed from grill at IT 202.  Let the meat rest for an hour and I could shred it with a spoon!  Excited to have my first cook under my belt, thanks to this forum for all the great advice and tips.

    Questions:  Is there any way to increase the cook time on a UDS without adding charcoal?  Seems that a lot of guys are getting about 12-14 hours off of a fukll basket and I only got about 8.  Perhaps the basket that came with the Big Pappa Smoker Kit is a bit smaller than most?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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    That PP looks delicious...nicely done!  I don't use a UDS, but I'll bet if you posted your charcoal question over in the charcoal smoker forum you'd get some good feedback.

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    Looks great!!!   I have a Big Poppa and i get 15 [email protected] 250 with lump charcoal after that it piddles off.   With KB i'd get longer than 15 hours.   

    I have no idea why you got less burn besides opening up the lid?   On a long smoke my lid stays shut, when you open the lid it introduces air to the basket and wastes fuel.  I also have a Pitmaster IQ hooked up, especially on long smokes.

    In this picture the IQ is in my rain box.   Most times if the weather is good i just hang it on the handle.   Auto temp controllers stretch out your fuel because it's more efficient keeping the temp extremely stable. 
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    Sontavas, one more thing that's important is how you light your basket.    I've found the best results is by making a small pocket on the side of the basket to drop the few lit coals into... that way you get a long steady burn outward.

    I'm not a fan of just dumping the coals on top.

    One other thing i do now is instead of the pocket like i mentioned is filling the basket completely and then lighting a few coals on the edge with my warming torch for about 30 does the same thing, just easier to light.

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