I'm ready for an upgrade on my smoker.

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  1. I have a ECB and used it all the time no matter what the season is. If the weather is nice, I setup shop outside. If the weather is crappy(rain,cold and so on) I move inside the pole barn. I have several questions about propane and electric smokers. I have narrowed it down to 2 smokers. One is the Masterbuilt Two Door Propane Smoker and the other is the MES 30". Both about the same price and cooking area.

    1. Which produces the best smoke ring. When done right the ECB produces a good smoke ring. Yes it is important to me for some reason.

    2. Which would be easier to move from one spot to another. I have extension cords to reach if I get the MES 30.

    3. Which would make the meat taste better. Once kinda important to me when smoking meat.

    4. Is there any other smoker in that price range that I might consider?

    Thanks in advance for the input on my dilemma,
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    Wow!   These are questions which you should receive multiple responses to.  Types of smokers are usually based on personal preferences and obviously people prefer one over the other.

    I have owned propane, wood fired, charcoal, and electric.  I really like my Weber Smokey Mountain and my Masterbuilt 30".  As far as smoke rings, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on that one issue.  Never did "warm up" to the propane fired because of unsteady temperature issues.

    The WSM is my go to smoker now and my MES 30 after the Mailbox Mod works great.

    I hope this helps you with your decision,

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  3. [​IMG]Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.  I have cooked many a great brisket on an ECB, in fact I still have one I get out on occasion.



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    madlabrat, John just gave you some great advice. I too started out with the ECB-moved up to the GOSM Big Block propane, moved up to a Lang 60 Deluxe cus the GOSM was too small for big cooks, build me an electric Ugly Drum Smoker cuz I had the parts from an Old Redi-Smoke that my father-in-law had and now I mostly use my MiniWSM cuz it's just me and Ma Dutch at home now.

    The only problems that I had with propane was running out of gas in the middle of a smoke and the door thermo is way off (but then most cheap thermos are). Some folks claim they can taste the propane on the finished product-shouldn't be an issue of the burner is working properly.

    Electrics are good as long has you have power and you don't try to run it with a long run of extention cords. I've even run my Electric UDS at Deer camp off of a generator.

    Taste is all about the type of rubs you use and the wood you use for smoke. when you match them up just right, it's a thing of beauty-if you have a poor rub or harsh smoke, maybe the dog will eat it if you're lucky.

    Any of these units will produce a smoke ring as long as there is heat and smoke.


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