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  1. I've just acquired an old (1947) GE refrigerator. I can see myself using it for any of a number of purposes, one of them being a smoker conversion. I smoke in two converted electric ovens with a four inch pipe between them so I can generate smoke in either to cold smoke in the other (one is small and the other is full size). I don't really need to have anything else until they become unusable. The main advantage I see for doing a conversion is the larger capacity, but I don't really need to smoke large amounts of anything. So what are the pros of a fridge conversion vs. smoking in ovens?

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    You could use the fridge for cold smoking without any modifications.... of course you can also do that in a cardboard box...
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    What dave said. I have a mes that I love but when doing bacon or sausage I would love to have a frig conversion for the room to hang the meat laying it down in the rack is fine and I've had a lot of good bacon and sausage by doing this but would love to be able to hang it. Hmmmmm sounds like prodject in my future.
  4. Thanks, I hadn't thought about using it for only cold smoking. I thought of this more as a "go big or stay home" project. It isn't the effort that bothers me, it's maximizing the value I get from having it around. I could put a lock on it and make it a tool box, but I'm thinking about the downsides of having smaller smokers and leaning toward a more flexible electric smoker than my full size oven conversion. I have the tools and skills (except for welding). I see a lot of mentions of "vertical" smokers, which I assume this would be. Is there some particular advantage to vertical, other than capacity?
  5. Well, I guess since two old refrigerators fell into my lap for free, I should convert at least one into a smoker, especially since I now have a need for smoking up to 10 racks of ribs simultaneously. Here are the two options.

    On the left is a 1948/1949 General Electric AD-102-AB16. On the right is a 1949 Gibson G879. I think I will try to do the Gibson first. It has a bad latch and much more cosmetic rust, but it looks like it will end up being a better looking smoker and it has some other pluses. It's lighter and I'm hoping it will be more portable.
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    Right now you might not see the need to smoke any large amounts of meat. But it will come a day when you want to try something new that takes up a lot of grill space. Jerky is one that can use it up with not much meat out there Sausage is another.  Having capacity can be a huge thing when it comes to trying something new. I for one never thought I could use more then 780 in of grill space when I bought my offset smoker. Hear to tell ya I have run out of space many times.
  7. Yep. I should have known. At next years family reunion, I might do 10 racks of ribs. My current capacity is five max. I could double that by just buying more oven racks and smoking in both ovens, but that could be a real pain. If I do a fridge conversion I can smoke 10 in one space and that can be onsite at the reunion. I'll just have to add wheels and a handle to the fridge conversion.
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    Smoke daddy has some videos on old refrigerator builds using pellet pro hopper. They have great temp control too. Could land you some ideas on this. I am currently building one with a Cres Cor hot box that cost me 17.50$ at a local auction.
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  9. Thanks for the advice. I have a strong preference for smoking with wood that I get from my own properties, so unless there's such thing as a chip hopper, I'll probably keep using a chip pan and create a way to push chips into it through a duct through the side.
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    You still can use chips. Many that use pellet hoppers use added chips because pellets burn so efficiently they are low smoke creators. You add a chip smoke box on top of your heat diffuser. It also can give you a little more complex smoke profile for different meats by adding the burn of different pellet woods.
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  11. I might add a pellet hopper on later, then. For now, I want to keep the cost down. I plan on just using stove burners for heat, one on 120V and the other on 240V.

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